BMW and MINI to integrate their Android Auto and Apple Carplay


Google Android Auto and Apple Carplay will arrive in BMW and MINI

it’s official: The new vehicles of BMW and MINI integrate Google Android Auto and Apple Carplay. So far the German manufacturers have been shown leery to use these systems developed by external companies because they don’t want privacy of their clients is not compromised.

With a system of info-entertainment own as the iDrive, BMW you can control the security of personal data but use applications of third-party companies leave a open the door to potential vulnerabilities of these. Vulnerabilities that can be used by hackers as we have already seen in other vehicles. The high connectivity is a double-edged sword where the security must be very well controlled.

we Want our customers to be able to make a full use of the features of your smartphone in the car also. Therefore, we are going to integrate ‘carplay’ of Apple and Google’s ‘Android Auto’ in our vehicles. ” has so communicated Harold Kr├╝ger, CEO of BMW. It remains to explain why security measures to apply to BMW to ensure the integrity of your system.


The integration of smartphones and tablets will be complete in the future BMW and MINI

systems, Apple Carplay and Google Android Auto are very similar in performance. Both allow you to integrate your smartphone or tablet with our vehicle so that we can access our list of contacts, music, navigation system and certain applications (Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc…) from the main screen of the dashboard. The control of these functions can be exercised from the touchscreen, controls on the steering wheel and even through the voice commands.

Other manufacturers such as SEAT already offer it in their vehicle (Full Link), and while others such as Opel announced that it will soon be available for these functions. There is still no date given for his landing in the systems of BMW and MINI.