BMW anticipates how they will be stations of refuelling of hydrogen in the future

BMW y el repostaje de hidrĂ³geno

BMW and Shell, we put forward the aspect of the future stations of refuelling of hydrogen.

although many analysts (and a server) think that the bet by the hydrogen can be a resounding failure because the next step that you should do the automobile industry has of be to plug-in hybrids and pure electric battery, there are some manufacturers who advocate for research on how to improve the systems of hydrogen fuel cell current. The recent agreement signed between General Motors and Honda, is a clear example of this.

Other major automobile manufacturers such as Toyota, Kia, Hyundai or Mercedes-Benz come to allocate significant amounts of resources, logistics and economic to their respective departments for to develop new propulsion systems that use hydrogen. Although in some markets such as Japan, Norway and the United Kingdom are already marketed models of hydrogen as the Toyota Mirai, there are still many challenges to deal with.

Problems such as the lack of infrastructure for daily use, both particular or professional is one of the main obstacles that must be overcome for hydrogen if it wants to position itself as a true alternative to the 100% power of battery. In Spain, although slowly but steadily, the network of points of fast charging for electric cars continues to expand, but what about the hydrogen? We can say that we are “light years ahead” of other regions of the planet.

BMW y el repostaje de hidrĂ³geno

This futuristic look will have the hoses for refuelling of hydrogen, as Shell and BMW.

BMW and Shell have collaborated recently on a very interesting project through which we want to to anticipate how it will look stations of refuelling of hydrogen in the future. To the equal that occurs with other types of alternative fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) or natural gas for vehicles (CNG or LNG), the form in which it is refuelling the hydrogen is not the same as if you were to do the same with gasoline or diesel.

As explained to both companies to present the project, ensure that with this type of design significantly improves the driver experience to the refuel hydrogen. And as you can see in the pictures that accompany this article, we have done away with the conventional design of dispenser and, in its place, it has placed a new one more compact and that allows you to save a large amount of space.

Many of the mechanical elements have been removed from the user’s view and in its place we found clean surfaces in the through a screen of information can be followed intuitively the process of refuelling. BMW remains committed to a more sustainable future and during the next few years the German manufacturer will launch new models of mechanical electrified.