BMW C Evolution: how the ultimate weapon for city? It is electric and you can drive it with car driving license

BMW has a catalog of bikes with an alternative ready to become the ultimate weapon for the city, electric scooter, BMW C Evolution, to make matters worse you can even drive with your driver car. Goodbye to stopping at the gas stations, to the laziness of having to get a card specific to the traffic jams (and there are even those who say there goodbye to the Yamaha T-Max to the output of each traffic light), but…. how much does the BMW C Evolution? Time to discover price of the electric scooter BMW.

With 48 horses the BMW C Evolution becomes an enticing option for those who are assessing a bike for their daily trips, a good bike to go to work that has a autonomy in normal conditions of 100 km, which reaches 120 km/h and that gives us an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.2 seconds.

how 48 horses?What you do such that you could drive with the car driving license, with permission B?

Yes, the BMW C Evolution features a driving mode ECO PRO, which limits their power to 15 horse (11 kw), thus allowing us to steer it without the need of having to get the permit A2 or A.

what The price of this scooter? Your status premium and of electric is not going to favor that it’s a scooter cheap. Your starting price, not including discounts or subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles, is 15.350 euros. As a reference we can mention the 10.900 euros of the Yamaha T-Max or BMW C 650, the maxiscooter not power of the German mark, with a starting price of 11,400 euros.