BMW challenges Tesla: we will soon see a Series 3 electric very sophisticated

Today there is a car brand that stands clearly above the rest in terms of adaptation of the mobility for the future refers. More than the future we could say this, because their products are already on the market, offering a few qualities of electric range and driving systems, semi-autonomous very high in comparison with the rest of manufacturers. Sure that you know who we mean. Yes, we talk about Tesla.

Tesla is the reference in this sense, but the other brands don’t want to stay back and are already developing products adapted to the future almost immediately. It seems that very soon, as well as the next month of September, a BMW 3 Series fully electric will be presented at the Frankfurt motor show. We do not have many details, but several media suggest that you get a electric range of 400 miles.

The direct rival of the BMW 3 Series electric would be the Tesla Model 3. It is not the fruit of chance that the signature bavarian have chosen your well-known saloon of medium size to create an all-electric vehicle, and this model is one of the more representative, sold and historical of the brand.

This movement makes us see that BMW is already going seriously by Tesla, well, currently its only model fully electric is the BMW i3, which is not thought of as a product of great volume, but rather as a car of brand image. A car more “real”, so to speak. In addition, that so-called autonomy of 400 kilometers not note at all the products offered by the firm of Elon Musk. As a curiosity, his Tesla Model 3 has already accumulated hundreds of thousands of bookings, each with a deposit of $ 1,000, which will start its production next week.

Us there are many details to know on this new BMW 3 Series electric. For example, we still don’t know if in Frankfurt will be presented as a new model or as a prototype closer to the production phase. Nor can we confirm if you will take the base of the next generation of the 3 Series or if, on the contrary, would be developed on the current model. As you can see, there are still many mysteries to resolve, although September is, as they say, just around the corner. The case is that BMW seems to have their ideas clear.

Source – Handelsblatt

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