BMW Concept Compact Sedan, for the generations to come

From China comes a preparation which not only serves to see the actual capabilities of a saloon very compact, but also is good to know how will be the future 1-Series Sedan. The BMW Concept Compact Sedan has been presented in the Hall of Guangzhou, a country where you are mostly looking for interior space.

Look right, because it is a preview of the future BMW 1-Series Sedan

While in Spain or the rest of the European countries, the space for the legs of the second row, or the interior space, is not considered as one of the main decisive points at the time of purchasing a car, in China, these measures becomes essential for the manufacturers, hence they have been the first to see the sedan of the BMW 1-Series.

There are that say that it is a prototype of a BMW, but you can clearly see where you are coming from image. The designers have decided to from its compact and to extend it in a harmonious way, and why not to say, with great taste. The result is a four-door sedan in reduced size, but it perfectly could be worth to a top segment.

Also observed details of the 7 Series, the BMW 5-Series that will soon be renovated, and even areas reminiscent of the Series 4 of the mark of the germans, as the rear lights. That is to say a collection of the best work of BMW, collected in a body based on the smallest of the range.

Interior is futuristic, but not too far away from current production models

In the interior we can also see a futuristic design, although not everything that might be expected for a conceptual car. See the typical elements of BMW, the same that we see in both Series 1 as in the rest of the range. Dashboard clean, smooth lines and strong, simple box, that is to say that it could be the interior of any current model.

This makes us think that this Concept Compact Sedan will finally see the light. In fact we know that he will do so, and not much take. The first test units have already been intercepted in various stages of testing. Although it could also be that BMW chooses to integrate it into the range of the Series 2, earning it the moniker of Gran Coupe, something that is already used by other members of the house as the 4 Series.

The Sedan will borrow a lot of components of your brother compact. Elements such as the interior or the technology will be very similar not to say identical. It will be in the space for the occupants and their load as they really vary, to be the new much more generous in its interior dimensions, which, in the end, not only to the chinese like.

The rear reminds large sedans from BMW, like the 4 Series and even the new Series 7