BMW continues its bet on the screens that do not require the hands to be in contact

BMW bet by the teams of info-entertainment that do not require contact with the screen. The system is based on actions, gestural, three-dimensional, through the movement of the hands.

BMW Vision Car CES 2016Orne of the novelties that BMW will be taken to the CES 2016 Las Vegas is related to a user interface for their systems of information and entertainment, that does not require physical contact for its operation.

Consumer Electronics Show is the scenario chosen by the German brand to demonstrate as may be the user interfaces in the near future. BMW still keeps the details in secret, but confirmed that the concept will feature a variety of new technologies, including the so-called AirTouch.

BMW ensures that the system will allow users to control the system of info-entertainment, navigation and communication systems through the use of gestures. That is to say that users can interact with touch screens without the need of touching them.

The system AirTouch uses a variety of sensors to to monitor and record the movements of the hand, which occur in the space between the center console and the interior mirror. While AirTouch is similar to the gesture control system that is now available on the new 7-Series, which will be presented at CES is a version more advanced than allows for gestures and three-dimensional.

The image that accompanies this article is a sneak preview released by BMW, which gives us a first impression of the prototype Car Vision provided with this new technology, which are leading to the CES 2016. With respect to the Gesture Control that is already offered in the 7 Series, this new version features larger and more precise actions gestural and technologies which include menus predictive who manage to anticipate the user’s intentions.