BMW could be working on a utility for you to face up to the Audi A1

BMW utilitario tracción delantera rival Audi A1From a few years ago the rumour is that BMW you may be thinking of launching a subcompact front-wheel-drive, according to advance on the companions of the This new model would mark a turning point in the brand, because for the first time would have a car below the BMW 1-Series and also adentraría in a segment unknown. Here would be rivals the likes of the Audi A1, the Smart ForFour, or even a known as the MINI.

Precisely with this last I would share some things, for example the platform UKL on which they would acquiesce. Not be surprised if they adopt, as part of your range of engines with the MINI. In terms of its name, it is still an open question. Some years ago, sounded loud the name BMW Series 0, but I must say that at that time it was thought that this utility would be the first front-drive BMW, but arrived before the 2-Series Active Tourer and second generation X1.

BMW utilitario tracción delantera rival Audi A1In the case of put, this utility would not be presented until the second half of 2017. The Frankfurt show might be the event chosen, but as we said there is nothing confirmed. This project confirms the change of air that is affecting all brands today. Trying to embrace the largest market share possible, creating cars in almost all segments.

BMW began ‘losing’ the rear-wheel-drive, one of its signs of identity, now released by a vehicle of small dimensions. What is certain is that a utility premium would position the brand in a niche that is interesting and not very exploited. What is more possible is that you get to do damage to the Mercedes and Audi, but also have to wait to see if it steals customers also the MINI.

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