BMW could manufacture in X1 in Netherlands along with their Minis

Prueba BMW X1 xDrive25d 231 CV automático

BMW is one of the firms which sell best its all roads in the world. The success has is the X3, but the small X1 is going to lag behind and in this last generation more than ever. Such is the increase of its demand that the bavarian manufacturer relocate part of its production to the plant of VDL Nedcar in Born (the Netherlands). The reason is that the clients of the united States are increasingly interested in purchasing this type of vehicles and the X1 is one of your favorites.

As reported by the German firm in an official statement, in August of this year will begin to manufactured the first units of the BMW X1 in the Dutch plant. This is not the first time that the house decides to make a model in it, since currently Mini has outsourced the production of the versions of three-door, convertible and Countryman models. Therefore the decision of to outsource their production would allow the mark to cover the extra demand your vehicle in the US.

Prueba BMW X1 xDrive25d 231 CV automático

The thickness of the world production of X1 will remain in the factory that have the bavarians in Regensburg (Germany). With the extra unit manufactured at VDL Nedcar will be able to increase its productive capacity, without incurring some extra expenses to improve or expand the production lines of the plant in germany. Therefore, this production of the X1 in the Netherlands could be temporary or up to meet the demand that has the model in certain markets.

sales of the BMW X1 in the united States during the past year 2016 nearly doubled, as increased by 93 percent, marking 27.812 units registered. With this growth the united States is confirmed as one of the main markets for this model and the brand. Really want waiting lists and the models arrive to their customers without any major delays, for the american market works with lower turnover times in the stock units.

To end BMW has also commented that VLD Nedcar not only host in their lines X1 but that will come more models. Before the SUV German will come to the factory holandese Mini Cooper Countryman ALL4 and the first hybrid plug-in Mini.

Source – BMW

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