BMW could replace rear-view mirrors for cameras 2019

BMW i8 mirrorless

BMW i8 Mirrorless

The technology advances, you just need to look a few days ago the CES Las Vegas 2016. Here were presented a multitude of innovations and among them was the BMW i8 Mirrorless. The special thing about this vehicle is that lacked mirrors, since these had been replaced by cameras. This was only a prototype, but the German brand seems interested in using this system in production vehicles.

According to Elmar Frickenstein, development chief of BMW, this technology could be ready for series production for the year 2019. All are advantages with this system, since that by replacing the mirrors for these cameras increases the angle of vision and therefore the security. Also get a aerodynamic improvement which results in a greater saving of fuel.

BMW i8 mirrorlessThe operation is simple, the two cameras that capture images on both sides adds a third, located in the upper part of the rear glass. With this set of cameras to form a vision almost panoramic of what happens in the rear considerably reducing the dead angle. This image is projected on a screen located where it would be the interior rearview mirror.

Will still wait to see what the first production model in equipping the system. The facelift of the new generation of the BMW 7 Series could have enough ballots. The luxury saloon currently is a showcase of technology and therefore it would not be surprising. The rumors suggest that the mirrors fade away, leaving in the following years also in the other models.

BMW i8 mirrorlesshowever BMW is not the first brand in using cameras as rear-view mirrors. A few years ago we were able to see something similar in the Volkswagen XL1, a vehicle that was looking for fuel efficiency and it consumed less than 1 l/100km. Although it is also true that this model has not produced many units and that is sold in a handful of markets. For example, in the uk cost around 125,000 euros. The united States did not come by this issue, since they were not allowed cameras in lieu of mirrors.

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