BMW created a consultancy to advise other brands

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BMW is a real factory to make money. Business that gets business that is successful. The rise from the ashes of the Mini is a good example, and its line of hybrid vehicles-electric “i” also. Therefore, the signature of the helix want to be involved in other niche markets, even though they are not related one hundred percent to the automotive sector.

As reported by Michael Fuchs, CEO of BMW, the firm wants to launch a new division of the company. This would be addressed to the counseling and consulting for third-party companies on issues of release, image, or strategies to follow to be placed on the market; although their strong point will be the advice on matters retail and customer satisfaction.

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This new sub-brand or division of BMW still has no official name, but Fuchs has confirmed that they will work with other companies to create their brand identity or improve the one that you have when seeking their services. In addition, also will work to improve the satisfaction of the client at all stages of the sale since they believe that via on line is not the most appropriate in terms of satisfaction of the customers is concerned.

For now, the only thing we know is that on the inner level this new division will operate as sub-brands “i” or “M” of the house of a bavarian. Your independence will be marked in function of the tasks that will be entrusted and the sector that is addressed.

To finish we must mention that this new company BMW could provide valuable knowledge as to be present on more industrial sectors than the automobile may be your terrain ideas that work in other markets or products and are new in the world of motorsport.

Source – BMW Group

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