BMW debuts three-year warranty for all their models


Up to now, BMW offered the warranty legal minimum in all their new cars, with a two-year coverage on parts and labor to repair any faults or defects from the factory. Of course, it was possible to have recourse to a warranty extension for a further period, paying a surcharge on the purchase of a car from the manufacturer.

Since march, 2016 -April in the case of the BMW X3, X4, X5 and X6-, that is to say, from now, the bavarian manufacturer extends this warranty to the factory: all their models will have a warranty for three years or 200,000 kilometers, whichever is earlier. It will be standard and universal, for its whole range.

As usual, this new warranty BMW will cover the faults that may occur in this period, including diagnosis, parts, or original parts and workmanship of the repairs. Will be valid in all the official repair shop of the brand in the world -not only in the country of purchase of the vehicle-, and can be extended another three years or more, pre-payment, up to six years age of the vehicle.


In this way, BMW customers will have a greater peace of mind -at least for three years – without the need to pay an extra. In the case of manufacturers generalist because there is who from a long time ago, it offers spacious factory warranties in all their models and without extra costs.

Warranty for 3 years or 200,000 kilometres, from now on, all BMW new

For example, we find three years or 100,000 kilometres in manufacturers like Toyota and Nissan, three years unlimited mileage on the Honda, five years or 100,000 km Mitsubishi and SsangYong, five years unlimited mileage in Hyundai, and up to seven year warranty on Kia.

yes, the majority of manufacturers guarantee certain points of the vehicle (such as painting or corrosion protection) with a period greater than two years legal. And how is the warranty on other brands that are labeled as ‘premium’? By the time Audi and Mercedes-Benz are limited to the mandatory two years warranty (extendable optional), while the guarantee of the series offered by Lexus and Infiniti covers three years or 100,000 kilometers.