BMW designed a system to catch red-handed in order to anyone that scratches your car

who has not happened? You’ve left parked your car in the street, or in a parking community, you get to pick it up and you find yourself with a bumper scratched, a flap or a door sagging, a scratch that runs the entire body, or even experiences even more unpleasant, close to the total loss. The next thing you do is go to the windshield, checking to see if someone has left a note. But unfortunately honest people in this world is the exception and not the rule. Probably the biggest fear of a driver, that his car is wrecked when he is not watching. Luckily, BMW just design a system that is intended to let you know, instantly, the moment your car experiences an accident, or vandalism street. Unfortunately, this technology, though simple, is far from being applicable according to the Spanish legal system.

The system Bumper Detect will detect collisions in car parks, or attempts to force the vehicle, and will send the notification and live images to the mobile phone of its owner.

BMW has designed a system called Bumper Detect. Let’s say that it is a network of sensors, according to BMW very sensitive, and a step beyond the systems commonly used in car alarms, which detect immediately that your car has suffered a scratch or a shock.

The next step would be to send us a notification to our mobile phone, and to offer live images showing us what is happening around our car. These images would be perfectly registered, so that they could be used as proof of the crime.


  • To apply this technology in Spain, there would still be that best to resolve your performance and overcome the limitations of the laws that protect the privacy and the data of the Spanish.

    According to BMW, the images will be able to show, and to register, to cover all the angles of the body of our car, in three dimensions. This technology, which has been presented in CES 2016 mounted on a BMW i3, we also know if our car was forced in some way, if they trigger the motion sensors installed in the vehicle body. At that time, the owner could check from your mobile phone, if it is a driver that has tried to open our car by mistake, if it has the wrong BMW i3 – which with the amount of i3-that exist in our cities would not be anything weird… (sic) – or if you really are trying to harm it, or steal it.

    The big problem is precisely that the use of surveillance cameras is regulated, and we cannot use them to our free will. There are laws, and a Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, looking specifically for the registration of private images and sensitive data, that perfectly can be the face of the driver who has gone without letting us a note, or the registration of your car. So that its implantation in Spain, if not impossible, would be quite complex.

    it is currently a prototype, but obviously BMW is already valuing its incorporation as part of the services of a car connected to its upcoming products.

    Source: BMW
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