BMW does not have a M7, but the Alpina B7 will fix it in Geneva

Alpina B7 2016you Already know Alpine is dedicated to prepare, with a very personal style, the models of BMW. It is preparations very discrete, with the sporty touch and differentiator just to recognize their creations, but above all, it is power. BMW does not have a M7 in its range, but Alpine will have it. The new Alpina B7 will be a reality is expected in the next Geneva.

For the moment we don’t have details, but yes we can move a couple of things. The first is that it will be the 7-Series more powerful that will be for sale. By now BMW would have to opt for a 750i with 449 horses to be done with the faster and more powerful. Alpina exceed, by far. There is already talk of a power superior to the 600 horses.


it Would be even more powerful than the previous B7 with its 540 horsepower, and then use the V8-4.4-liter in the front already mounted for other models. And that we have already seen in some of the products of Alpine, as the B5 and the B6. These reach 600 horses, so expect a new twist to this B7 to be the top of range BMW and own trainer.

The higher power logically will be associated with a substantial improvement of the performance. The 0-100 km/h should be around 4 seconds, while the maximum speed is deslimitaría from 250 km/h original to more than 300 km/h. This will need new high-performance brakes, new tires and likely a new suspension equipment.

on the other hand, true to his style, the Alpina B7 will be as discreet as possible within the framework of sports. We expect the same additives that are in the rest of their range, details such as a splitter front, four tails large escape, a small spoiler on the trunk lid or some new rims with the seal multiradio Alpine. By now the trainer has said that we will know soon, so that everything points to will be in march, at the Geneva motor show, when you make your public debut.

Source – BMWBlog