BMW has already manufactured 10 million 3 Series

Although Toyota celebrate anniversaries shoeing productive five-liter V8 to a Toyota Hilux in BMW are much more discreet. They have preferred simply take a picture with BMW 10 millionth 3 Series . He said soon, is a figure that not many can claim under one name. The event took place in Munich, in a major production plants of BMW , and one of four plants where this global medium size premium sedan is manufactured.

BMW makes the 3 Series in four floors, two of which are located in Germany.

The Series 3 began his career with the ancient E21 in the distant 1975, and since then the sports sedan has not been discontinued. Currently, besides the factory in Munich, it is made in Regensburg (Germany), Rosslyn (South Africa) and Tiaxi (China, exclusively for the local market). The Munich plant is producing it more intensity: half of its daily production is BMW 3 Series . We speak 500 Series 3 a day.

bmw-serie-3-historia-155 The car marked for this event has not been an amazing BMW M3 with carbonocerámicos brakes, or 335i studded accessories BMW Performance. It has not been simply BMW 320d with a modest kit and diesel engine 184 hp. This car was painted in Imperial Blue and has been a pride for workers of one of the most modern plants of BMW the fact that this unit should occur in your factory.

Source: BMW Blog
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