BMW has ceased production of the 6 Series Coupe very stealthily

BMW Serie 6 M Sport Limited Edition

At the beginning of 2004 it came to our market the BMW 6 Series. It was, at that time, the new model is very distinctive landing on the mark of the germans with a qualities inherent to the 7 Series but that, in turn, provided a great dynamism. This BMW was new in the segment of coupes large in size.

BMW launched this Series 6 Coupe with a strategy safe. At that time the economy of many families allowed for the purchase of vehicles of high value and performance. However, the crisis came and the shopping possibilities dwindled. BMW wanted to keep the 6-Series in active and launched a second generation much more stylized, which was available with three body different: coupe, convertible and gran coupe four-pueras. Now, the firm has decided to to terminate production of the coupe two-door.

BMW Serie 6 M Sport Limited Edition

Although the bavarian manufacturer still has not officially communicated, our buddies from Road & Track say that a spokesperson for BMW has confirmed the cessation of the production of the BMW 6 Series Coupe in the month of February. It is odd that three months after the signature has not been pronounced and confirmed.

In certain markets, such as Spain or Germany, still it is possible to configure on the official website of the brand version of two-door and bodywork closed of this model coupe, but in some other markets, such as in the u.s., is no longer available in the official websites. The other two bodies yes they continue to be offered. The preferences have been changed and the current public demand more the 6 Series Gran Coupe, but we will see how long to keep in the market.

BMW has the intention to re-launch the Series 8, which takes several years in disuse, and that could be the replacement for the 6 Series. Everything seems to indicate that BMW will play a new strategy with the appellation Series 6, just as it would have to be called the 8 Series from the past decade…

BMW Series 6
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