BMW has released the new X2, because of his patent

God save us from leaks!!! it is the first thing that you think the heads of the car manufacturers when they register the design of their models in the patent office. leaks no one is free in the automotive sector and more when a brand registers a model with which to deal a strong blow to their rivals. BMW is one of the few firms that has been surprised by this situation, because the design of its next SUV, the BMW X2, has been revealed in a “quasi-official” in the most absurd possible.

The German firm had registered the final design that would have your new model in the patent office japanese. The reason for this log is to be able to sell the model in this market without that your design can be touched by the competition. Therefore, if these sketches are real, the upcoming BMW X2 saves a lot of similarities with the X2 Concept for the German house presented at the Paris motor show held in 2016.

If we look at the basic lines that define the design of the BMW X2 we can say that it saved a high resemblance to that of the X2 Concept. Logically, there are some details of design which, because it is a concept that could not get to the series as well as the side mirrors, and some aesthetic solutions. However, the other features saved a similar more than reasonable.

areas that change with respect to the concept and sketches are the front and the rear. No, it is not to change too much, but we can see that the lines from the front (grille and headlights) have been dulcificados respect to the X2 Concept. In the rear it also happens something similar, as the headlamps happen to be a bit larger than the concept and has incorporated a gate with a design, let’s say, more was added to the game.

Where we can see a similar more accurate the X2 Concept is in the side area. The basic lines of design are the same being only altered the wheel arches (they seem to be a little more small) and the area of the B-pillar (by the change of the mirrors). For the rest, one and another model are a carbon copy almost. With this, we can see that BMW wants to provide its full range of SUV a replica sport, then the X2 will show up in your catalog as the version racing of the X1.

so soon we don’t have much more data on this important filtration. The only thing we know is that its official presentation could occur in the next Frankfurt Auto show.

Gentlemen, the war is more than served.

Source – Auto Express

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