BMW has sold 100.000 vehicles electrified, and by 2020 will reach the X3 electric

BMW i8 colores IndividualToday almost all the world knows BMW r. The sub-brand dedicated to electric vehicles was launched back in November of 2013, so that is celebrating its third birthday. The goal was always to promote a sustainable mobility, but today it is also postulated as a new philosophy for the German company. Part of the blame lies with the BMW i3 and BMW i8, the vehicles are standard-bearers of the sub-brand.

in Addition to the three years of BMW i, the BMW Group celebrates that have already sold more than 100,000 vehicles electrified, that is, adding electric and plug-in hybrids. The BMW i3 is the most successful and he just reached the 60,000 units. On the other hand, the sporty BMW i8 have been delivered to 10,000 units, a figure not negligible. To these we must add other 30,000 units of the hybrid models, plug-in of the brand.

BMW i3 33 kWhRemember that the hybrids are placed under the name iPerformance and that there are already several models such as BMW 330e, the X5 xDrive40e or the 2-Series Active Tourer 225xe. The Group’s strategy seems to follow this river, because last week we got to know the MINI Cooper S Countryman All4, the first plug-in hybrid from this brand. In the next few years are expected a series of releases which will strengthen this kind of mobility

Probably one of the most talked about is the BMW i8 Roadster, it seems that finally will arrive in 2018. In the following years there will be two major releases that will mark the pattern. In the first place, by 2019, will come the first MINI 100% electric and then, in 2020 we will witness the launch of the BMW X3 electric. Later could come the BMW iNext, the next flagship electric and autonomous.

Source – BMW

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