BMW hints that the successor to the BMW Z4 will keep the same name

BMW Z4 Azul Estoril Blue

Sure by now that you are already aware of the important partnership between BMW and Toyota. The German firm looks for a successor to the Z4, which has already completed its production, while Toyota aims to launch to the market a new high-performance sports such as successor of the now-defunct Toyota Supra. Both companies have agreements to share technology in the development of their two sports.

After 14-year-old sale and more than 110,000 units manufactured, the BMW Z4 ended its production during the past summer. A very sad news for purists and lovers of this sporty German. The news was not all bad because it confirmed the rumors about the development of a successor; although maybe your technique does not make too much grace for those rumors of hybridization in a version even more radical. Maybe it’s not a hybrid, but if so, the logical thing is to use the supercharging by turbo in all its versions.

BMW Z4 Azul Estoril Blue

Be that as it may, the rumors have long running and always had referred to him as the BMW Z5. It seemed like a sure thing. However, the head of BMW in America, Ludwig Willisch said recently to our fellow AutoGuide that “there is no such thing”.

Willisch added that “there will be a sports car yes, but it’s not going to be a Z5. That is something that someone has already been invented”. Were not there of their statements, since they continued saying that “it will be called the Z… probably 4”.

With these statements Ludwig Willisch has made it clear that the great rumors are not true, because the world’s press (including us) referring to the future model as BMW Z5. Unfortunately, the news that we can offer are minimal. BMW don’t want to drop a pledge about his athletic future. The rumors of which you have already talked about long ago have you first, in 2018, will come in a body roadster, which subsequently could add a variant with the body closed. With so much mystery, we cannot do more than wait.

Source – AutoGuide

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