BMW i3 2017, how will updates to the electric German?

BMW i3

The new BMW i3 2017 will come loaded with novelties of aesthetic autonomy.

This past summer, came on the market a major improvement for the electric vehicle of the family BMW i. And is that the guys from the German firm introduced in the range of BMW i3 a new package of batteries 33 kWh with the power to increase the autonomy of the electric up to 300 kilometers. An important improvement with which to position themselves and to face the imminent arrival of the new electric cars with more autonomy.

however, since a half-German will echo some information that pointed to the launch of a important update of the BMW i3 for the upcoming year 2017. A tune beyond the simple fact of introducing a new package of batteries as it has made the brand a few months ago.

The information published by the middle German Welt am Sonntag highlights that in few months it will be launched a new BMW i3 with a renewed image as well as a new battery with the will increase their autonomy by nearly 50%, which would allow it to approve more than 500 kilometers (in cycle NEDC). Despite this, deadlines don’t fit to not be that BMW take advantage of these plans.

BMW i3

BMW is working on improving the autonomy of the i3 above 500 kilometres.

Currently, the BMW i3 is marketed with the old and new battery pack: 22 kWh and 33 kWh. Therefore, if the manufacturer is determined to introduce a new improvement of autonomy, it is because they are thinking of removing the battery 22 kWh to, instead, leave the new 33 kWh to which sumaríamos which are supposedly due to arrive in 2017.

In the case of the battery pack of 22 kWh, when the brand introduced the confirmed that it would continue to be marketed until the month of June, 2017, so that the new batteries would not be available until after that date. And clarified the real possibilities and when we might see a change in the batteries of the BMW i3, what aesthetic changes can be introduced in the all-electric BMW? Taking into account that the new generation will take too long to reach, it is logical to think that the next year will be chosen by BMW to give a facelift to your electric vehicle.

To date, the changes in the image that has proposed to us the BMW is able to opt for new colors. The last introduced in the range has been the “Protonic Blue”, but it really has kept the current design unchanged. To be certain this information that comes to us from Germany, the new BMW i3 2017 present a new bumper as well as other adjustments foreign with the a lot more modern.

BMW i3

The brand also will focus on giving a facelift to the image of the BMW i3.

To see the second
generation of the BMW i3 we’ll have to wait
, and not a little. Heinrich
Schwackhoefer, who was maximum responsible of the project of the i3 commented makes
a few weeks ago, while the second generation of the i3 will be a reality, it is not
a priority for the German group. Since we came to the dealers
back in the year 2013, have been sold something more than 60,000 units, however,
with the introduction of the new batteries 33 kWh, it is expected that the pace of
enrollment to grow at a higher speed.