BMW i3 Carbonight, a limited edition of 40 units

BMW i3 Carbonight

BMW i3 Carbonight, a limited edition of 40 units exclusive to Japan.

As well, we anticipate a few weeks ago, BMW is celebrating its centenary. And as not everyone can boast of “have blown 100 times the candles”, the company is launching a whole series of special editions to celebrate this anniversary. And one of these special editions we’ll talk about that the has been introduced in Japan the new BMW i3 Carbonight.

A limited edition exclusive to the japanese market and that there will be only 40 units. And no, despite its name, the BMW i3 more sinister and elegant you do not receive an extra touch of carbon. The exterior of the BMW i3 Carbonight has a finish that is in Fluid Black, a new key specific for this limited edition. In addition, this tone is combined with details in Black Belt.

Both shades of black create a combination quite interesting with the blue items that are characteristic of the range BMW i. On the other part and serial number, also is equipped with the LED headlights and a alloy wheels of 20 inches.

BMW i3 Carbonight - interior

Interior of the BMW i3 Carbonight.

And if we take a look at the interior, one of the main innovations that we found is the computer sound Harman/Kardon with 12 speakers that will be the delight of the driver. In addition, and by way of gift, BMW will give to each of the 40 clients that come with the i3 Carbonight a carbon fibre housing for its smartphones as well as a speaker for home use wireless function.

Going to the (mechanical, there are no new developments. Yes, it is worth to mention that all the units that will be manufactured are associated exclusively to the mechanics of “extended range”. A variant that, in addition to the electric motor, has a small combustion engine that runs on unleaded gasoline and that is used to make the generator.

In terms of its price, will start from the 5.980.000 yen (about 48.950 euros at current exchange). Is already on sale.