BMW i3 Mr Porter navy blue for this special edition


At the Geneva motor show 2016 we will not see big innovations in electric range BMW i, but that does not mean that they will not be present. There will be two special editions, and both will have the customization and new exterior paint as the main reasons. The first of them is the BMW i8 Protonic Network Edition, and the second is this that occupies us, the BMW i3 Mr Porter.

Created in collaboration with Mr Porter, an online retailer of menswear, this BMW i3 wants to show off style and elegance. This special edition is offered with the color ‘Tuxedo Blue’, a marine blue that is a novelty in the model: recall that the standard range of the BMW i3 can be chosen in colors Ionic Silver, Solar Orange, White Caparis, Platinum Grey, Gray Mineral or Black Fluid, and the greater part of them are combined with details in the characteristic blue BMW i.


In the case of the BMW i3 Mr Porter, your body Tuxedo Blue adds contrast to the White Caparis present in its front grille and in their mirrors. Other specific details of this special edition are your floor mats in interior color-brown, with stitching in white, as well as their decorative wood trim on the dashboard with the inscription Mr Porter. Also includes a travel kit comprised of a bag of blue leather and a Leica camera.

do Not expect new developments in the technical aspect: the BMW i3 Mr Porter maintains all the features of the model, as its electric motor of 170 HP and an autonomy estimated that may exceed the 130 km in certain conditions of use. Will be available from the 18th of February, exclusively to the Uk through booking on the web-Mr Porter: your price will be 39,000 pounds, about 50,000 euros at the current exchange rate between currencies.