BMW i3, the third electric car most popular


The driving experience with the BMW i3 is such as to bring through the time machine a car within 10-15 years to our age. Not only is it a gamble by the concept, but on an industrial level. BMW had to get carbon fibre in large quantities for manufacture, not to mention the investment needed.

Now that two years have passed since its commercial launch in Germany, the brand is pleased to have gotten one of every four new registrations of electric in the country since that time. If we count its weight in sales since the beginning of time, one out of every 10 electric German is an i3, according to the data of enrolment furnished by IHS / Polk.


At the global level is the third electric car sold more, the united States is the most important market. Interestingly, it has also become a model of achievement for BMW, since 80% of their owners had not previously had a car of the brand. It is now sold in 49 countries of the world.

The factory from Leipzig is going at a rate of 100 units per day, and the demand remains strong. It’s not a car easy to find in the market of occasion, for two reasons: first, there are not many units shooting, and second, the customers do not get rid quickly of them. Only two years have passed, let’s see what happens over the medium term…