BMW i5: new recreation of the electric German


Recreation of the BMW i5.

The future third member of the family of models i of BMW is still coming and its release has made it to run rivers of ink. After its presentation should be placed in the hole that is now formed by the current i3 and i8, although this space is considerably larger than what we can see with the naked eye.

Between the compact i3, a model of 3,999 mm, and the sporty i8 there is a hole there already for a model, but for several different types of vehicles. The i8, by definition, is a model standard, and its imminent release cabrio will be even more, so that under the there is a whole world of possibilities.

The many rumors about the future i5 have pointed in different directions, from a sedan the size of the 3 Series current, i.e., segment D, to a crossover luxury. A model that could be intended to compete with the Model X Tesla.


Other reports and speculations have pointed out that in addition to a version of pure electrical we could find a version of extended range, equipped with a small combustion engine that would provide the generator to feed the batteries and thus increase their autonomy, but not to move the wheels. The style of the version i3 REX.

The i3 REX has a small combustion engine, powered by a tiny deposit of just 9 litres of fuel – to be greater than it would be considered a hybrid and not electric – and that comes into operation when the batteries are close to discharged.

In theory this is a good solution to day of today, because the electric that we find in the market do not reach the figures of the autonomy of the models of traditional combustion. However, the i5 still has a time-out, so that of getting close to the year 2020, it would face a new batch of models that already today promise figures of autonomy purely electrical more than 500 kms.


Sketch of the new BMW i5.

there are No more reports on the new electric BMW, but
surely to have the latest technologies and advancements available in
the scope of the batteries
, so that you can be given to the possibility that
the version that is not equipped with the combustion engine already is enough suitable
for long trips.