BMW i8 2018: more power, autonomy, technology and the body without a roof does you Wanted something more?

The BMW i8 will receive an update planned for the 2018. The
sporty plug-in hybrid of the signature bavarian
you also have the right to receive some improvements, in the same way that
has happened few days ago when we met the new
BMW i3, whose
biggest change is the significant
increase their autonomy.

The new BMW i8 will receive improved mechanical, new technological options and body Spyder

The eye-catching sporty coupe of BMW we expect the same in the i3
more modern:
new packages of batteries of equal size but
a higher density to a considerable increase of their autonomy
. At present, the i8 can travel up to 35 km without
use a single drop of fuel.

Although unlike the compact electric, we are in a vehicle
sporty in both appearance and performance, being improved in this
last aspect also. The new BMW i8 will have a
update of both the propellant gasoline 1.5-liter three
– cylinder and electric motor
, which, according to the source
allow you to raise your maximum power from the 360 HP current up to
a few
420 HP approximate.

Not everything is raw power because other elements of the sport
suffer also changes as the
automatic change of six
, adjust the chassis and the shock absorbers, and possibly a new
braking system, all to suit the
increase of power
while improving the performance and efficiency.

As the i8 is a technology showcase on wheels, the source
indicates that you add some of the options really interesting and
eye-catching as the possibility of
wireless charging of their
batteries by induction
, and equip wheels fiber
, in the style of the incredible BMW M4 GTS, which reduce the
weight of the assembly and the suspended masses for greater efficiency
of the fuel.

As you can imagine, these equipment that you just
talk will be able to enter in the section
premium options of the vehicle
high price, together with the possibility of equip headlights
laser technology
for the modest figure of 11.570 € in Spain.

Finally we do not expect changes in the outside, at least
significant, but if all goes well and
BMW meets with what was promised,
next to the coupe will arrive the longed-for
BMW i8 RSpyder you
we offer pictures of the prototype to illustrate this article.