BMW i8 Mirrorless Concept, the future will replace side-view mirrors for cameras


A BMW i8 without mirrors presented at CES 2016

BMW i8 Mirrorless Concept is a version of the sporty hybrid that has no mirrors, instead it has installed three cameras that offer better performance and security. BMW brings to reality the replacement of the classical reflective surfaces for cameras and digital displays on its iconic model of street. It is not the only novelty presented on the sport, look at the BMW i8 Vision Future Interaction

A BMW i8 without mirrors

the BMW i8 has three cameras, two positioned in the place of the exterior mirrors and the other on the rear window. The images of the three chambers made up of a single that is shown where you normally find the rear view mirror internal. This small monitor is somewhat greater than the internal mirror, a few 300 mm wide and 75 mm high, but has an attractive appearance at the same time that it is comfortable to see.

Higher security and performance

Offers numerous advantages with regard to the mirrors traditional: the driver enjoys greater breadth of vision eliminating the dreaded blind spots, you do not need to look at the three mirrors to have a view of the lateral it is only necessary to look at the monitor, which has an impact on a less time for “distractions to the road” and the cameras process the images warning with icons light when they detect a possible danger, for example when we want to change our lane and approaching a vehicle at high speed.


The monitor provides a complete view of the back and side of the vehicle,

in Addition to completely avoids the glare when not to get the indirect light from other vehicles to our eyes. Passengers benefit from this system for out with vehicle safety making sure they do not come close to another car, engine, rider or other users. The system does not require set-up prior to its use since its configuration is the same for all users regardless of their height.

The outer cameras are in the same place as the mirrors are, but occupy a smaller space that provides greater vision-on the side. Another advantage to keep in mind is that thanks to its aerodynamic design offers less wind resistance which has a positive impact on the consumption of fuel and generates less noise for the comfort of its occupants. The width of the vehicle is also reduced.

The glass that protects the outer cameras is the critically acclaimed Gorilla Glass Type 2, the same that is used in smartphones and tablets touch that provides a surface fine-great resistance to tear and scratch. The glass is also designed to repel dirt, water and offer a clear image of high quality regardless of the environmental conditions and light.


BMW i3 rear view mirrors, extended

on the other hand BMW is also revealing a i3 that features a hybrid system between cameras and mirrors classic. The inner mirror superimposes images reflectadas with those obtained by an camera placed in the antenna of the roof of the vehicle, this provides a picture of a wider angle of view of that is behind us.

Of this system have yet to be unveiled more details but it sounds very interesting and more easy to install in the very near future in the next BMW. Do not miss the rest of what’s new at the Consumer Electronic Show held in Las Vegas.