BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition, with an extra touch of exclusivity

BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition

The new BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition is ready for its debut at the Paris Salon 2016.

Since a few months the guys at BMW have begun to develop the first special editions of the BMW i8. The exclusive sporty BMW i already offers a whole series of details with which to differentiate themselves from the rest of cars circulating on the road. However, for many drivers of a BMW i8 base is not sufficiently exclusive. And it is there where comes in special editions such as this, BMW has just released. The new BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition.

A special edition of the BMW i8 that the German firm will present worldwide at the imminent Paris motor show 2016, and that makes reference to another that showed just a few months ago, the BMW i8 Protonic Network Edition. They share the principal name, although in the case of the new special edition you see in Paris, we are faced with a different tonality.

To the bodywork of the BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition, the guys from BMW have given the body a finish “Protonic” to the paint. However, and instead opt for a red tone as the main color, in this case we are talking about, and as the name itself indicates, it is the color Dark Silver. With a glossy finish, it will call the attention by the quickly recognizable silhouette of the BMW i8, although it does help to increase your hand more elegant.

BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition

A special edition limited to a small number of units. Only aesthetic changes.

in Addition to this specific finish to the outside, what most of us offers the BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition? The brand stresses that buyers will be able to adapt the car to “his own vision”. A statement that comes to ratify the fact that we will have available all the options that make up the range of the i8.

At the mechanistic level there are no new developments. The new BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition continues to use the same hybrid system of the base model. A system that is composed by a motor 1.5 TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder and an electric motor to yield a combined power of 362 HP and 570 Nm maximum torque that can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km/h.

instead of being limited to a number of units, the new BMW i8 Protonic Dark Silver Edition will be for sale during a given time (up to the beginning of the year 2017). Their production is to begin late this year (from the month of December) and, for the moment, BMW has not unveiled the price you will have. We assume that it is something that will be revealed during its presentation at the Paris Salon 2016.