BMW i8 Protonic Network Edition

BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition

In the absence of just a few weeks for that to take place the Geneva motor show 2016, the guys from BMW have revealed the first images and details of an interesting limited edition of the BMW i8 that there we will be able to see. The new BMW i8 Protonic Network Edition. As we say, it is a limited edition that will feature an exterior that is utterly unique thanks to the various modifications that we will be describing.

Taking a first glance at the exterior, we will find a body has been painted in red Protonic and that combined with some details in grey Frozen with metallic finish. The new color of the body, we must add the new alloy wheels light 20-inch painted in matt aluminum and the exterior in metallic grey.

And if we take a walk through the interior, we see that it moves the unique style of the exterior to the interior. The seams of the upholstery are displayed in the same color red as that have been added to a the greater amount of ornaments made of carbon fiber. The headrests of the seats have embossed the name “i8”. Without look at the thresholds of the doors, we will see a few new slabs on which is displayed the name of this limited edition.

BMW i8 Protonic Red Edition - interior

it Also has a few door handles in carbon fiber, some seat belts of gray as well as a gear selector in black ceramic. And to complete the developments of the passenger compartment, have been replaced the pads series for some exclusive play with the atmosphere created thanks to the combination of red and grey.

Going to the section mechanical there are no new developments. And the truth, it was something predictable. As with the standard model, the new BMW i8 Protonic Network Edition will be powered by a hybrid system plug-in comprises a motor 1.5 TwinPower Turbo three-cylinder engine, an electric motor and a battery pack of lithium-ion battery. Combined the system throws 357 HP and 570 Nm of maximum torque. Thanks to this mechanics, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.2 seconds and reach a top speed of 250 km/h respectively.

By the time se do not know the number of units of the i8 Protonic Network Edition which will be manufactured. Yes, BMW says that the production will start in the month of June. And as for the price, nor do we know anything so we’ll have to wait to its debut in Geneva to get out of doubts.