BMW i8 Spyder: testing on the Nürburgring in the days of the tourists

Prototype of the BMW i8 Spyder on the Nürburgring.

the launch of The new i8 Spyder is very close. BMW has been testing this week at the German circuit with one of the prototypes of the new variant of open-i8, which seems to indicate that we are in the final stages of the development of the model.

But what is really curious has been the date chosen by the firm in Munich for these tests. Because after several weeks of conferences aimed exclusively at manufacturers, who were moving in droves to the Nürburgring as spring arrived, BMW has chosen one of the days of tourists, intended for particular visitors so they can squeeze their vehicles on the Nordschleife.

so that if the intentions of BMW included go unnoticed with a prototype camouflage of this type, since then have not succeeded. Although our photographers, stationed in the vicinity of the area, have been able to take better and clearer images, as you can see in the gallery attached.


The i8 is also left to see in the immediate vicinity of the Nürburgring

As we can see in the video, because these days the track was
fairly full. In some fragments of the footage we can see several Skyline GT-R R32 at the same height of the i8 Spyder,
so we understand it must have been a whole story to these
users share curves with a prototype of these features.

BMW i8 Spyder should be submitted between the end of this year and
the first bars of 2018, although one of the dates that most resonate
is the Frankfurt show 2017. We have been already on several occasions this model in testing,

open version should share the same mechanical outline of the
variant coupe with an electric motor of 131 horses positioned in the
front axle, combined with a conventional combustion engine of 231
CV in the vain back. Although it is more than likely that the new version
Spyder equipped with the technical features of the update that you receive the i8, you more than likely have better in-plane mechanical, as well as a battery more energy density.