BMW i8 Vision Future Interaction, connection driver-car of the future

a few years Ago it was unthinkable to imagine what we see today in cars. The future is a reality, and we are still at the first steps of what is to come. The automotive world changes quickly and the connectivity between machine and man should be the next step. This is why BMW introduced to us in the CES 2016 BMW i8 Vision Future Interaction.


Without doors, that it is even more spectacular, as if their technology wasn’t enough

we are Constantly talking about systems of infotainment. This little word has taken on increasingly prominent so that in implies in and of itself. Connectivity and entertainment together in the same system ensure the best possible experience, although of course the current models on the market will soon be supplanted by better ones.

And the truth is that BMW has chosen a model who is very special to introduce these technologies of the future. In the midst of rumors about the arrival of a BMW i8 Spyder, is this the one that serves as a template to make clear that the evolution of the systems of infotainment has not been completed, but on the contrary, much remains for us to see.

of course that draws the attention of the BMW i8 is the enormous screen of the dashboard. 21 inches dedicated to display as much information as possible, like the Head-Up Display, oversized that not only informs you of the speed or the route, but goes beyond presenting the dangers of the road so that we don’t have to divert the sight of it.


Within a few years we will need very few things in the interior of a car

recently, we were surprised with the iDrive on the new BMW 7-Series could be handled by gestures. The BMW i8 Vision Future Interaction takes that witness and raises it to a new dimension, as there will be a few commands that we can control with the gesture and the voice, but the whole car actually.

driving autonomous is not something that we currently weird. The automotive world tends to do this, and that is why this i8 has three driving modes. One fully automated, another assist, and another which BMW called the Pure Drive, where the driver takes care of all the factions of the driving. Let it of all life.

needless to say, the BMW i8 Vision Future Interaction is a conceptual platform. Although the technology is available, the implementation of these systems in the real world is beyond difficult and that is why for the moment we will have to settle with a view the article in the technology fairs. , But we do not alarmemos, the future will soon be a reality.


autonomously, the driver will be able to relax and let go