BMW i8 vs Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS dethroning the king

“Nueveonce” represents much more than a Porsche, is probably the best sports car in history. It has managed to improve for seven generations, unbeatable: the perfect potion sports car. 50 years of racing successes that have enabled it to adopt an unsuspected level of engineering. Many innovative solutions that make him a true legend. And, most importantly, without losing the original essence.

is master of the category for several decades and still has very good reasons for being there. It is a pure sports for ergonomics, sound, behavior and especially because it is impossible to drive inadvertently squeeze. It’s quite a visual, auditory, tactile experience … A delicious and timeless Porsche car that is true to itself. I can not imagine a better way to manufacture cars passion … the 911 is the standard by which everything else is measured.

But … how is it a sports car in ten years? Probably, if we do an exercise in imagination, not be far from BMW i8 we parked outside our hotel. Munich hybrid breaks with tradition. Not even part of a dynasty. It has been designed from a blank sheet of paper, breaking with all up to date and seeking innovative solutions never seen before.

BMW i8, the car of the future sale

is a technological showcase that automotive engineering is capable of manufacturing today. Make sure a i8 is a classic in your garage, besides allowing you to drive a concept that no one can ignore the live contemplate. Unbeatable and unique

For starters, it is a sport that does not have a powerful V8, even a six-cylinder … The BMW i8 has a small combustion engine behind the driver, in central position, three-cylinder, 1500 cc and 232 hp, which is responsible for moving the rear wheels. Yes, the same three-cylinder engine that uses the Mini Cooper. Additionally it has a second electric motor in forward position, which provides 131 hp more and takes care of the front axle. Total offers 362 hp, AWD and of their hybrid status-plug, you can charge the battery in a household outlet in less than two hours; and also during braking or on hold, lifting the foot off the accelerator.

In its bowels a monocoque chassis made of a synthetic polymer reinforced with carbon fiber, a very slight doors of the same material which shaped open tijera- and a laser light with a range of 600 meters is hidden. The use of carbon fiber has been essential. Note: Although a dual engine and batteries, BMW i8 weighs five kilos less than our 911 Carrera 4 GTS to change PDK . Chapó!

Its futuristic design is one of its greatest assets. Angular, extremely aerodynamic lines with a multitude of flaps, fins, appendices and fanciful shapes impossible to manufacture. “Compare a classic design with a vehicle that looks like a futuristic prototype would not be fair. The BMW i8 plays with the audience, “says David Artes, while admiring the look of wonder BMW .

There are hardly any sport with such great technology … Just like LaFerrari, the McLaren P1, the Porsche 918 Spyder, will appear in the art, costing, yes, ten times … Well, after all this waste technology, its price starts from 139,200 euros, 4,300 euros cheaper than the Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS we have brought here. And a price well in a “package” so attractive, you can sin the most faithful of porschistas.

Many shall not make more than ask what the point of this comparison between two cars as different concepts. The answer is simple. One represents the best sports car to date. Other sets the standard of what the sports car in the next decade. Present or future ?. Definitely a tough test for the new hybrid BMW .

We have established our base in a hotel in Soto del Real and our plan is to spend a couple of days rolling down the mountains of Madrid. I want to start driving BMW . It is so new that no slow to me with her keys. Enter the i8 requires a degree of contortion. Put first the rear support in the doorway and dropped in the futuristic Bacquet. A nothing glamorous process, especially if a dozen onlookers are watching your every move with a smartphone in hand.

The exterior futuristic halo contrasts sharply with the simple and conventional interior, very family BMW . An innovative digital display, steering wheel design somewhat curious, blue belt, the familiar iDrive, an output of central air conditioning and two for the passenger side …


You are sitting relatively high, well separated from the passenger at the high center tunnel under the batteries are hidden. Back there are two small squares “for people without legs”, as my colleague Sergio. They are not useful, although they may do the workaround. Seem more thoughtful to leave the backpack or coat.

The BMW i8 begins the march towards the mountains in stony silence and comfort on board. In electric mode, you can enjoy up to 35 kilometers of electric range without using a single drop of fuel. The first thing you focus all my attention is the ultra address, which can handle with ease a lot of this supercar nearly two meters wide in the city.

All the BMW i8 is special. Now … you run? After crossing Miraflores de la Sierra, begins a beautiful climb seven kilometers until reaching the port of Morcuera. Select sport mode and the control panel lights red. Floored the accelerator i8 and starts to accelerate, speed and speed. Bruuuutal! Exorbitant strength and, above all, constant. It seems like a plane trying to take off at an airport. A tremendously effective and sensory processing. This BMW suggests ways i8-to-air missile.

The BMW i8 is so wide that this M611 quickly becomes too small. The first corner is approaching faster than anticipated. Brake hard, turn the light direction and, again, full throttle. The BMW i8 enviste me with a demonic, catastrophic thrust. It’s very fast! In addition, the brakes have good touch and nobody will notice the system battery regeneration, something not very common in hybrid models.

“How many horses you said you had this?” I ask my colleague Mario as confused as I check 911 GTS was left behind as a tiny red spot. Again another left-hander and a line that opens before us. I return to crush the gas pedal and devours every meter i8 an unexpected way. It seems that had 450 hp. How to speed is outrageous. I did not think that this hybrid could behave well. I’m so dumbfounded, I’m not at all agree with what my colleague said about the i8 Mario was, ultimately, a comfortable GT. None of that … has ways of authentic supercar!

Reason tells me that small tires are limited to adhesion, but eventually every time you encounter a curve reached a level of unexpected grip. His behavior curve passes with remarkable, thanks to a perfect distribution of weights 50/50 [1.9991 million] and very low center of gravity. It is very easy to explore the limits and approach them.

All of a legend: Porsche 911 Carrera 4 GTS

arrived to Rascafría. A couple of minutes later landing 911 GTS . It can not be true. It seems so strange that the breach has been so great that I ask my partner Juanma New subsides me witness 911 GTS to repeat the same stretch.

Juanma was very satisfied with the 911 Carrera 4 GTS “the perfect direction, the gearbox also and leaks interpret a symphony … everything is done for you to sit down and have fun.”

Much confusion round my head when I approach 911 GTS while gorgojea. Nobody notices when the i8 911 appears, but the truth is that it looks sensational aspect under this spring light. The GTS is a súperequipada version of the 911 range it has a body 44 millimeters wider than 4 conventional and monotuerca 20-inch wheels in black Carrera. It’s a “mini GT3 “.


Unlike i8 where leaks are hidden, 911 GTS looks twin tailpipes, chrome black, which amplify the typical Porsche sound. Under the hood is the drive 6 cylinder boxer, 3.8 liters and 430 hp. The engine is the same as the Carrera 4S, but with certain improvements in the intake system, cylinder heads and camshafts. On paper, they seem more than respectable figures to overthrow the BMW .

The 911 Carrera 4 GTS makes clear its purity from the outset. The interior of GTS is superb. Just open the door you are greeted bacquets some real competition, backed coated carbon fiber … And those who sit on them also costs. The elegant Alcantara-wrapped steering wheel or central tachometer red create an atmosphere much more Racing in the BMW i8, as in a 911 GT3 .

The GTS is perceived smaller and sportier. The center console is full of buttons, the driving position is much lower and the atmosphere reminds you breathe the word “hot rod” in the subconscious again and again. The best touch, as always, the key to the left of the steering wheel, heritage 24 Hours of LeMans, which allowed drivers to start the engine with the left hand while introducing first gear right.

Just walk one hundred meters to first know the difference. The flat six and leaks resonate behind my head a deafening way to cross the barrier of the 4,000 laps. Now it is when I realize that the sound of the i8 is mediocre and has a synthetic touch, produced by the internal speakers. From the outside, the sound of BMW is not no big deal, something like a saloon nineties with two-liter gasoline engine.

It is true that the three-cylinder engine i8 not sound like the Seat Mii but certainly someone BMW should make a job offer, imminently, the team of engineers who put sound about leaks Jaguar F-Type. Surely so, the i8 would gain many more followers. It is one of its weaknesses, which are magnified aboard the 911 GTS .

The Porsche imposes more respect from minute one. Sounds and intimidates more. The 911 feels closer and agile, providing a driving experience as entertaining. Within minutes, the GTS is an extension of myself, causing a flood of feelings difficult to match. The nose adheres easily to every curve, inspiring great deal of confidence, thanks to the front axle that generates a lot of grip.

The suspension of the 911 Carrera 4 GTS is calibrated with a much tougher set-up and all-wheel drive works like a charm, allowing it to take each delivering 430 hp six cylinders. But when BMW i8 strong strip, you have to use to the full to maintain the exchange, and that the 911 has 70 more horses.

Lack of Porsche is evident. It has much less torque and delivers it later. But after driving the i8 even it seems to have even less. Our version, equipped with dual-clutch automatic transmission PDK accelerates from 0-100 km / h in 4 seconds. It’s strange because, in theory, there are four tenths faster than his opponent. But, in practice it does not seem well.

rush is a pleasure each of the gears, but to get all its power must always wear it on top of the tachometer. Its 440 Nm not reach 5750 rpm, nothing to do with the 570 Nm BMW available from just 3700 turns.

On leaving each vertex you crush the throttle without fear, while you feel how the back sinks into the tarmac and begins to howl uncontrollably, like a sports true old school. The i8 in front of me breaks through straight line and out of corners. But when they linked curves and elevation changes 911 eats ground. Of course, both are capable of running at a frenzied pace. However, you should not get carried away by emotion off tightest hairpins on the rise in Morcuera to slide the rear axle.

A stop along the way allows us to draw the first conclusions. David Clavero argues that “the 911 has the best resolved steering its segment.” But that “in the case of the Carrera 4 GTS , to spare grip, minus some fun.” About BMW i8, David Artes also shares that “steering feel not enough Wonder 911 and cornering is not so brutal.”


The i8 has surprised us all. But it achieved plantarle 911 clear. “It is truly amazing that a sports car with a bad engine located hanging behind the rear axle is able to deliver as precise and satisfactory performance on all types of roads,” argues David Clavero while carefully observes their monotuerca tires.

The night is upon us and decided that BMW i8, equipped with laser lights, is the best companion you may have to return back to our hotel in Soto del Real. Its laser headlights are a super innovative technology. Folding headlight range LED reduce consumption by 30% and offer a brighter, whiter light.

They cost a whopping 11,326 euros for those who committed the atrocity of paying for them because, frankly, not worth it. Circulating beam with little difference with standard lighting LED and, what is worse, without dynamic cornering light or assistant technology road just add value. They are a pijotada. Many hopes had deposited in this new technology and the first contact has been a fiasco.

The battle is served

Several aspects could be upgradable at BMW i8 mainly address and sound frustrating. Moreover, my doubts fall on the system … how much technology is reliable and what repairs will cost before any adversity?

The GTS was my favorite to win this comparison and I arrived with prejudices about BMW i8. Very beautiful, yes, but lacked a M. was convinced that BMW came from sparring, to surrender to the feet of the master 911. I thought the Munich leave me cold and would not be a good sport … for Of course, unable to tutear 911. But he was totally wrong. To my surprise, eventually surpassing in most facets.


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The linear thrust is that of a plane on the runway from the moment we sink the accelerator … and to have no limit. It accelerates as if there were no tomorrow. Pushes more and more instant that the 430 hp Porsche. The feeling is clearly superior performance based straight and above, is more than 4,000 euros cheaper despite all the technology.

If we combine this with a devastating aesthetics, which make moving out of the pockets along the street and the ability to roll quiet, in complete comfort and silence, with real consumption infinitely smaller than the 911, we would but to give the winner of the comparison, a result that would never have anticipated.

But something in my conscience prevents me from giving it as the clear winner. The main greatness 911 GTS lies in the ability to make you grow as a driver. You involved in a learning process as a pilot, every day. You travel as more kilometers, is your ability to extract the quintessence. And that is enormously rewarding. Moreover compared to the i8, which you climb and drive very fast from the start.

Furthermore, with the addition of turbo in the 911 at the end of 2015, this model will be remembered as the last of an era. The last of his kind. And extinction is an argument that is too heavy … What a dilemma that complicated.

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