BMW iFE.18, the first electric racing BMW is already ready

BMW continues with its efforts of research and development of the electrification for the future of their vehicles. What better way to do that entering the Formula E, a championship that every time has more importance? So it has made the signing of Munich, you have just given us their new single-seater for that, they say, is the “Formula 1 power”. The name of this car that you see in the images is BMW iFE.18.

Born of a close collaboration between the sub-electrical and sub-brand of competition BMW, BMW i and BMW Motorsport, the BMW iFE.18 will try to fight for every race in the fifth season of the life of the Formula E. Presented by the official driver of BMW, Tom Blombqvist, in the Academy, BMW and Mini Driving in Maisach, Germany, the BMW iFE.18 will be his first official test on the track of Calafat, from April 17 to 19, along with the rest of the teams of Formula E.

The bavarian manufacturer has not intended to give figures or concrete data, but have wanted to compare some values with those of your electric vehicle. In comparison with the BMW i3, “the BMW iFE.18 is 50% lighter, 66 % more compact and produces a performance to 100 % higher”. He has also commented that achieves revolutions 400 % higher than their urban electric. Without a doubt, the experience gained in the development of this car and will yet gather during the championship, will be of great utility to apply in their future models electrified.

Jens Marquartdt, the Director of BMW Motorsport, stated during the presentation event of the BMW iFE.18 that “after months of excellent collaboration between production engineers and career development, now we can all see the result in action. This project of Formula E has seen the transfer of technology most notable between the production and motorsport in the history of BMW”.

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