BMW iNEXT, so it will be the autonomous vehicle, which will arrive in 2021

BMW iNEXT autónomo 2021The future of the automotive world seems to pass by the driving autonomous. It is the bet of many brands at present and, among them BMW, which has already put date to their first car of this type. The first BMW self will be a reality for the 2021. Until then, the German brand will be working with two technology companies Intel (processors) and Mobileye (artificial intelligence).

The vehicle that will serve as the basis for the future self already has a name, BMW iNEXT. The intention of the three brands is to create a vehicle that does not need the intervention of a driver, and even that can move without anyone on board, forming a sort of network transport. For the German manufacturer will be five levels of automation for those who are to spend to get the goal.

BMW iNEXT autónomo 2021currently it has been achieved that we can remove the hands from the steering wheel in some cases, the next step would be to reach level 3, which would also allow remove the look of the road. Subsequently go to level 4, which consists of remove all sorts of attention of the driving, forget about it completely. Finally it would get to the level 5, which allows the car to dispense with the driver and scroll only.

Although these steps may sound today, to science fiction, these are the targets of the brand. In the short term will be dedicated to develop the BMW iNEXT and test all kinds of technologies in this prototype. From 2017 think to extend the activity and create fleet vehicles semi-autonomous to continue testing. We will be attentive to those who bring us the BMW, Intel, and Mobileye; because you have to recognize that your project points ways.

Source – BMW