BMW introduces a system to park your car as a Jedi (and you’re already wanting to have it in your car)

Forget about looking through the rear-view mirror, turn the steering wheel, put back, or mesh first, to park your car or leave a parking. The future is already here. In the street we already have a BMW Series 7 that is capable of introducing and removing a car from the car park with the driver outside, to access with comfort to the car, and control the situation from the outside, driving the car from a key – command that has nothing to envy to a smartphone of the last generation. But BMW has wanted to go much further, and just to present us a system that will allow us to park the car like a Jedi! The only thing you need to do is push or pull the car, without touching it, making gestures like the one you see in the picture above in the distance.

The driver will be able to park your car from the outside as a Jedi, indicating that you enter the car park, or get out of it, describing movements with his hand.

This brilliant idea of BMW is called Gesture Control Parking and it would work in the following way. The driver would fall out of the car next to a car park, and from the outside, it would indicate to the car the maneuvers necessary to be introduced in that space. We speak of maneuvers for “fools”. That is to say, the driver of which from the outside shows how you enter the car, in this case, a i3, in the parking lot, not precise maneuvers. The car already it will automatically take care of mesh gears, the number of turns required describing a semicircle, and does not collide with the cars they have on one and other side.

When the manoeuvre is finished, the car will turn off the motor, and it will close automatically. To extract the vehicle, the maneuver will be similar, the driver is placed behind the car, and as a true Jedi, will pull him in the distance for this out of their parking lot.


And how this technology works?

BMW i3 presented in CES 2016 with this system equips a system for automating parking manoeuvres something more advanced than that already offered by many modern cars. The big difference is that it has been endowed with a synchronization with smart watch allows you to set a wireless connection between the i3 and the clock to perform these maneuvers.

Maybe you’re thinking that this technology, far from simplifying the manoeuvre of parking, the complicated. An action that we could perform in two seconds, can be extended a little more for the mere fact that we have to get out of the car and monitor how this is put on hold automatically. And you have every reason in the world, because the real bombshell of this technology is not in save us time in the outdoor car park, but in its practicality to the hour to park the car in places very narrow, or in sync with a private garage.


And that is the great advantage of this system lies precisely in that technically we could park the car in a plaza so close that, to do it manually, would not allow us to get out of the car. It is true that this may not apply in car parks shared with other cars without this system, because we will not let other drivers enter and exit your car. But what if you applied to a private garage?

Imagine that you have a private garage with a width of around 4 meters, in which up to now you could only park one car and a bike. With this technology, and already released by the BMW Series 7, technically you could park two cars, a BMW 7-Series and a BMW i3.

This technology even allow their integration with the garage door, so that in the time that it is open, or on demand from our mobile phone, or our clock, the i3 will know that we go for it and automatically exit the garage, as if a valet is concerned.

Source: BMW
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