BMW is already working on the driving region of the Series 7


BMW is taking advantage of old mules the Series 7 for driving autonomous

The segment of the sedans representative is very scarce, just a handful of units dominate the market. Among them we highlight the presence of BMW 7-Series, the maximum expression of luxury, designed by the bavarian manufacturer. However, this large sedan is not only defined by the quality of their materials, but also by the deployment of technological features and present.

And although the 7 Series is a reference in the section of technology, will soon be achieved by your little brother, the BMW 5-Series. It will integrate the latest generation systems, such as augmented reality and driving, autonomous, something that the 7-Series can do, but on a more limited basis.

When the flagship of BMW was unveiled last year, everyone was impressed with the technical capabilities that are presented. Between them it is worth highlighting the capacity of parking remote, that is to say: without the presence of the driver. Although it does not cease to be outstanding, the developments move on, and the 7-Series has to take a step further in the driving systems autonomous.


the Entire interior is flooded with new devices and control systems

Making a small parenthesis, we have to talk about Mercedes, because as you know, has made a strategy very similar to the one that is going to hire BMW. The Mercedes S-Class is the jewel in the crown, but lacking in certain technological elements that the new Mercedes E-Class, yes he has. Driving autonomous that we have already tested.

S-Class and 7-Series have to be able to show all the progress possible and it is for this reason that both models are already in different phases of testing to be able to integrate them. In terms of the mule testing BMW we discover elements that confirm this, as the electronic devices of the dashboard, included keyboard, and the monitor voltage for a system of 48V.

In normal cars it is normal to have a system of 12V current. Voltage more than sufficient to operate the electrical systems of a car “normal”. however, it is underpowered for a car with ability to conduct only, and that’s why BMW has to raise the system up to 48V.


The rear loaded to the gills to simulate the presence of occupants

it Is to soon to determine when the BMW 7-Series will be able to conduct independently. We know that the 5 Series will soon be presented, but will surely taking more time to see how the flagship does, surely the coming year, and so BMW will take advantage to introduce some more detail.