BMW is preparing a new suv to rival the Audi A1


After spending many years on the drawing board, BMW finally could release the rumored subcompact front-wheel-drive that will be positioned below the Series 1 current. As we have been able to find in Engine.that is, the German firm is planning a completely new model in a segment almost unknown both to the mark as to their regular customers, entering the fray directly with models of the size of the Audi A1, the Smart ForFour or MINI.

This project, advance in part by the executive of the German Group, was described at the beginning of this decade, as the new Series 0. Called to be the first front-wheel-drive of the bavarian manufacturer, but however, ironically, despite the fact that the rumor of his arrival aroused the criticism of many means by step, to the front wheel drive, several years after it was overtaken by the launch of the 2 Series Active Tourer and second generation X1 as the first models of the brand to count with this architecture.

, which is already perfectly seated within the range of German and will generate a whole new family of models, as we have already seen above. We could count the new utility, that also would be based on the shared platform UKL developed for the range MINI. So we understand that many of the components as well as the engine range of the new suv will be shared with the models of the british firm.


if confirmed, the presentation of the new model would not be until the second half of 2017, with a possible presentation date in the fall, that is when it takes place precisely in the Hall of Frankfurt, the German event par excellence.

The arrival of this new product line to the range BMW ahead of a whole new business strategy for the base of your catalog, which will be strongly modified in the last years of this decade, which will break definitely the traditional structure of the range of the manufacturer German.

The new rules that seem to govern the market have led to numerous manufacturers have launched the race to occupy each and every one of the possible plots existing market, creating new niches if it is necessary to be able to offer a range the more heterogeneous as possible to the demand of a public that is increasingly less conformist, and above all, eager to express their individuality. This has led to a situation where marks with a few ranges traditionally rigid have expanded to an extent that a few years ago we would not have been able to imagine.


This is the case of the traditional premium brand German, such as Mercedes-Benz or BMW, once manufacturers almost exclusively of sedans of representation and that today have a record that spans virtually the entire spectrum of the market.

The zone premium segments as the A and the B are not the exception, groups such as Daimler or VAG succeed with its Smart and A1, so it is not surprising that BMW, despite having the range MINI, not outside to offer your own version with your logo, trying to steal customers precisely to their more direct and ancestral rivals, Audi and Mercedes.