BMW is still committed to touch screens that do not require contact with your hands

about the CES 2016 Las Vegas, that is probably the most important event in the technology industry. An event in which the car industry is ever more present, with releases, world news, and above all a foretaste of the technology that will be used in our cars very soon. As in previous years, BMW will offer a display of important technological advances, and among these will be his new generation of entertainment systems based on actions gestures in three dimensions. In a masterly manner BMW has grown from offering entertainment systems that avoided the need for a touch screen using interfaces, swivel, brand new tactile systems that rely primarily on movements of the hands that do not require physical contact with the screen. And no, this is no joke.

BMW has gone without entertainment devices with a touch screen, at the premiere of systems based on actions gestural three-dimensional, hand movements that do not require contact with the screen.

After the system premiered in the new BMW 7-Series, the germans opt for a most advanced system is based on a series of sensors installed on the dashboard, on which we find a screen elongated, oriented toward the driver. The image that illustrates this entry is the first preview of the prototype Car Vision that will be presented in the CES 2016, and that shows us the technology AirTouch new generation that very soon we might see in the new models of the brand.

The great difference with respect to the BMW Gesture Control of the 7-Series will be in a wider range of actions, gestures, more accurate, and accessible to the driver thanks to the new sensors that would be installed on the dashboard. The system would also have been designed to be equally useful for the driver and for his passenger. It will also feature menus, predictive, they will try to anticipate the user’s intentions to reduce the number of actions needed to perform a task, such as making a phone call, with the aim of achieving a more intuitive and secure, without distraction to the driver.

In a few days we will know, in more detail, how this technology works.

Source: BMW
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