BMW Lac Rose: a tribute to the Paris-Dakar in the key of BMW R NineT

Since the horizon of BMW showed the BMW R NineT, the German firm has been very involved with the scene of the cafe racers and the classic dishes, a scene which, like all, is nurtured by a culture in which there is no lack specialized publications, clothing, festivals… Precisely these days we are celebrating one of the quotes most relevant in Europe, Wheels & Waves, an event in which BMW has wanted to be present in an official way with a readiness inspired by the Dakar and with the BMW R NineT as a base: this is the BMW Lac Rose, time to know all the details.

This BMW Lac Rose concept will be from this Wednesday until Sunday at the Wheels & Waves Biarritz:

Do Lac Rose? With this French name is called the salt lake of Retba, 35 km from Dakar, hugging the atlantic coast and finishing touch of Paris-Dakar rally original. There was located on the podium, a podium that BMW knew well in the mid-80’s.

Recovering that feat and reaffirming the adventurous spirit of the brand with the imminent start to the sale of the BMW R NineT Scrambler, BMW Motorrad has given life to a preparation in which the BMW R NineT is dressed offroad incorporating a new fuel tank with larger capacity, a small seat with the logo of the BMW GS, suspensions guarnecidas, a new protector for the crankcase, wheels studs on spoked wheels, a small dome and cubremanetas.

The preparation retrieves the color scheme original (including the colors of BMW M in the back of the tank), and looks in addition to the dorsal with the number 101, the number that lucia Gaston Rahier when he won the victory in 1985.

BMW_R_NineT_Lac_Rose_DM_3BMW_R_NineT_Lac_Rose_DM_4Mechanically BMW does not mention changes, so we can imagine that the flat-twin 1,170-cc air-cooled and oil continue to develop 110 horses and 116 Nm of torque.

If you like the preparations, the cafe racer, bobber, brat, scramblers… you have an appointment at Biarritz this weekend, with the Wheels and Waves.