BMW M140i and BMW M240i Coupé/Cabrio: will come during this summer 2016


BMW M135i (2016): will soon be replaced by a new BMW M140i with 340 HP in the wake of the recent BMW 340i and BMW X4 M40i, this name will be extended soon to other models of the bavarian manufacturer. We refer to the BMW 1-Series and BMW 2-Series (Coupe and Cabrio), which within a few weeks released the corresponding versions BMW M140i and BMW M240i.

According to BMW Blog, during the summer of 2016 will see the market launch of these new sport versions, replacing the current BMW M135i and BMW M235i. With more power, the BMW M140i and BMW M240i Coupe/Cabrio will incorporate an evolution of the already known engine M Performance TwinPower Turbo 3.0-liter and six-cylinder in-line, reaching 340 HP.


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In the BMW 340i the power offered is of 326 HP, while the BMW X4 M40i will reach 360 HP, assuming the version more sporty and prestacional of the ‘crossover’: in it, the letter ‘M’ is not out of place at all. The current BMW M135i and M235i offers 326 HP and 450 Nm of torque, a figure that will increase to those to 340 HP in the new M140i and M240i, at the same time that they will comply with the Euro 6 legislation.

Both models will be available with manual change of six speeds or automatic eight relations, culminating in this way the range of the 1-Series in power and sportiness. In the case of the BMW 2-Series Coupe will not be the version top of range, since the two-door compact offers a true ‘M’, the spectacular BMW M2 with its 370 HP.