BMW M2 2018: killed by the surprise upgrade to the M2


Surprise, BMW develops an update for the M2.

This prototype that have been able to hunt our photographers spy seems to show that BMW is developing a lightweight update to the sporty M2. Despite the youth of the model, which only takes little more than a year on the market.

This was submitted in October 2015 and in the month of November we already had their price for the Spanish market. So we are surprised to discover this unit evidence with various elements camouflaged.

These elements are limited to the optical, both front and back, grill and the front bumper, which shows an extensive camouflage, which hides it completely, including its forms.


At the back we discovered a few lenses hole.

The elements covered are the same that would be expected in the facelift of a model, that BMW Group often called LCI or Life Cycle Impulse, so that we may infer that the brand shall submit a M2 renovated with some changes in these areas, optical and front.

Due to the freshness of the model, you might not expect to find as soon as a copy of evidence with this type of news, however the M2 has an expiry date very close in time, the year 2020. According to the brand, the production model will end in that moment, so that it is more than likely that you are already developing a slight upgrade to the small marina.

This would be revealed at the end of this year and would come to market in 2018, just in time to face the second and last half of his short life commercial.


expect a front much more aggressive.

we may Also assume that we are faced with a test unit of a hypothetical M2 CS, since the mark recorded a short time ago, all the denominations between the acronyms M1 and M8 with the nickname CS. However, after analyzing carefully the unity of the images we do not believe that try this.

The issue that have been able to hunt our photographers account with only a few hidden items, the righteous and necessary that we should find in the development of a restyling, and we did not find more news at a glance. By l that we can not say that it is a version more radical model. To do this there would need to hide these elements and hide others.

The new M2 surely will have a drink aesthetic very mild, similar to that recently suffered by its bigger brothers in the range, the M3 and M4. In addition, probably find some novelty in the technical level, perhaps a slight power increase and improvements in the section of the equipment.