BMW M2 by Alpha-N Performance, more muscle and up to 480 HP

BME M2 Alpha-N Performance BMW M2 just been submitted and they are already coming to light the first preparations. Still has not passed through the hands of the coaches, but they know that the M2 will be one of the objects of worship of the fans, so the programs personalization and empowerment will be key. Alpha-N Performance ahead of yours and leave us impressed.

If the appearance of the M2 was already gross and muscular, wait until you see the result of this preparation. Alpha-N has been commissioned to install a bumper even more aggressive with air inlets higher, new aerodynamic devices or a front spoiler, all made in carbon fiber.

BME M2 Alpha-N PerformanceThe sideskirts are also new bill, while the back is embrutece with a new spoiler large dimensions made from carbon fibre. It is also adjustable. The set closes around tires in black color 19-inch, which leaves us with a result that could pass for a supposed BMW M2 GTS already thought of it days ago.

preparation of engine that intends to Alpha-N Performance is called the M2-RS, a package of amendments which leaves the power of the engine 3.0 6-cylinder supercharged in 480 horses. And don’t miss it, the preparer has used a system of water injection, as does the BMW M4 GTS to get more power.

In theory, because the trainer still does not have data of your BMW M2, will be able to close the 0-100 km/h in about 4 seconds and reaching 300 km/h. So that everything goes on rails, also offered will be predictably a suspension kit new bill or braces for increased power. The weight, which is a hot topic in the breast of BMW M, is also a key for Alpha-N, which claims to be working on a package that lightens the car through more items in carbon, such as the roof, or a flush significant part of the interior.

– Source Alpha-N Performance

BME M2 Alpha-N Performance
BME M2 Alpha-N Performance
BME M2 Alpha-N Performance
BME M2 Alpha-N Performance

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