BMW M2 Cabrio, a first-look format of recreation

BMW M2 Cabrio recreaciónThis week we have known the new BMW M2 Coupe, but already knows how to operate these things. We want more and we look forward to events that we don’t know if it will happen, like the arrival of a BMW M2 Cabrio. A convertible version of the M sport access is the protagonist of the recreations today, a first approximation of how it would be the convertible smallest of the range M.

Have been Theophilus Chin and X-Tomi the managers give a digital life to this new model. Through the retouching software we see now something that seems simple, a M2 without roof. As with the 2-Series Cabrio, it would get rid of the roof hard cash to spend to offer a retractable canvas roof, more simple and lightweight. It is precisely the lightness is one of the highest in the M2.

BMW M2 Cabrio recreaciónThe result is what we expected, no change to aesthetic level except the absence of the ceiling. While Theophilus Chin you choose to display it in motion, it is X-Tomi who prefer to show their appearance in a static form, in both cases with the roof folded. You can give faith that if we got to see a BMW M2 Cabrio will have the appearance that you see now in pictures.

The changes compared to the Coupe will follow the way of the roof, and little more. The mechanics would be the same, a block, 3.0 6-cylinder in-line and boost able to perform 370 horsepower. The basic weight of 1.495 kilos could climb something in the concept of reinforcements and folding system of the roof, but the benefits should not be too involved.

This BMW M2 Cabrio could become a reality throughout 2016. Let’s not forget that the previous generation of the sports coupe with label M, the 1M Coupe, not had the opportunity to be placed on the market with bodywork convertible. Now you just need to know if for the first time we’ll see this body-of-the-range BMW.

Source – Theophilus Chin, X-Tomi

BMW M2 Cabrio recreación
BMW M2 Cabrio recreación
BMW M2 Cabrio recreación

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