BMW M2, from 62.900 euros in Spain with manual shift mode

BMW M2 precio EspañaWhat we want already, and BMW has already taken a first step to ofrecérnoslo. The BMW M2 is among us, can, some say, that it is the successor to the M3 original, a compact car and sporty in equal parts, although on this occasion with an engine of 370 horsepower. Now we know its price in Spain, price of 62.900 euro.

The BMW M2 arrives with a body muscled and bastard to base of bumper more sporty and aggressive, or a few steps of wheel widths. In the interior there are also innovations as a sports seats or trim specific to enhance a sporting environment own vehicle with seal M.

BMW M2 2016All of this has a reason, and it is a heart that places it in the middle part between the two more direct rivals, the Audi RS3 and the Mercedes-AMG A45. Carries under the hood an engine 3.0 6-cylinder and a supercharger capable of generating 370 horses directed to the rear wheels. There is an option for automatic gearbox dual-clutch, but also to a manual.

series comes with a equipment that includes the 19-inch alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlamps, multimedia system BMW Professional with screen of 6.5 inches, wizard of light on the road, system, high-quality sound, cruise control with auto brake, climate control bizona, leather upholstery Dakota or rear parking sensors.

The BMW M2 has a price in Spain of 62.900 euros associated with the change 6-speed manual. For the moment we do not know what will be the increase in price, if any, of the automatic change. Its marketing in our country will start in April of next year 2016.

Source – BMW

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