BMW M2 GTS: what is to become a reality the dream? Everything points to yes

do you Plan to BMW the BMW 2-Series even more radical?What a BMW M2 (See test BMW M2) and more specialized, more radical, more powerful, lightened…? Yes, we are thinking of a BMW M2 GTS and it seems that the German firm are willing to give us, what contraatacará Audi with an Audi TT RS even more wild?What will Mercedes a Mercedes CLA 45 AMG Black Series?

The BMW M2 has 370 hp and a starting price of 62.900 euro:

The team Auto Motor und Sport has been in charge of put under the spotlight to this hypothetical version of the BMW M2 reminding us a recipe that is easy to imagine that we’ve already seen with the BMW M4 GTS, but unlike this, the BMW M2 GTS does not incorporate the mechanical 6-cylinder water injection a good idea to keep the budget and therefore the final price of this model.

it Is easy to imagine the BMW M2 GTS beyond the barrier of the 400 horses, losing some kg with new elements in carbon fiber or removing pieces of insulation or devoted to the comfort, it is easy to imagine also a spoiler more on his behind, a new splitter…

And of course, a suspension even more advanced, brake carbocerámicos, increased rigidity to your chassis…

When do we see? 2016 is a good year for projects of this type with the excuse of the centenary of the brand, how will be fulfilled the predictions and we will have a BMW M2 still more radical?