BMW M2 to the test: what’s more fun than the BMW M4? Time to find that out

I Recognize that the BMW M2 is one of the cars today I wanted to try. I love the BMW M4 and hoped that the BMW M2 I liked even more, given its dimensions more understated, both for aesthetics, dynamics. Well, the time has come to find out, to test the BMW 2-Series more sporty, the first BMW M2, the successor of the BMW 2002 Turbo, the successor of the BMW 1M Coupe, how there will be met with expectations?will I be able to convince the new member of the family M? Time to put it to test and find out.

BMW has quoted in the circuit of Jarama. No, we’re not going to come to the track with the BMW M2, at least not today. We’re going to eat here, and from the path of madrid, we will depart towards the mountains, where we will be able to test the BMW M2 some of the usual highway in our tests.

For the occasion, BMW has brought a BMW 2002 Turbo and a BMW 1M Coupe, both really well taken care of, both in charge of reminding us to perfection, to the beat of step of wheel widened, from where comes this BMW M2, its origins.

Impossible not to stay absolutely amazed watching the BMW 2002 Turbo, it is impossible not wanting to go to the track with that 1M Coupe

Some initial photos, kind of rigour, a tweet warning of the day holds for us, and a meal that follows the press conference of rigor, changes introduced in this version compared to the BMW 2-Series, details of equipment and price, a little bit of history…

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Today in the presentation of the BMW M2 has been his grandfather, the 2002 Turbo. Long life to the old glories of rock #bmw #bmwm2 #bmw2002 #htc #bmwnation #bmwm #stance #stancenation #classic #vintage

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A bit of theory before the practice…


At the Nürburgring the BMW M2 has marked a time of 7 minutes and 58 seconds, a time that puts it ahead of the BMW M3 E92, Audi R8 V8, Porsche Cayman S…

we have Already analyzed earlier all the technical details of this BMW M2, we did it in the article “370 HP of muscle and a lot of aluminum: the BMW M2 Coupe is the new baby of the family M” and secure that those wishing to read already impressions and leave the figures to a side. Quiet, I’m not going to extend too much on this heading, you can go to the above-mentioned article, skip to the next section or review quickly features of the BMW M2 in a quick compendium of these in the form of a list, yes, a “10 keys for the BMW M2 that you can’t forget”:

1.- The BMW M2 has an engine 6 in-line cylinders and 3 liters of cubicaje derivative of the BMW M235i. It is supercharged by a system of M TwinPower Turbo and develops 370 horses at 6500 rpm. Your pair of 465 Nm (500 Nm with the function overboost) and is available from 1,400 to the 5.560 rpm.

2.- It is available both with manual switching as with a box of changes of double clutch of 7 gears (M DKG). Not lack the feature launch control and also in the modes sports the manual version has a function “tip heel” automátizada.

3.- Prestsacionalmente brand a 0 to 100 km/h in 4.3 seconds in the automatic version. The manual version does the same in 4.5 seconds and in terms of consumption make a 7.9 l/100 km and 8.5 l/100 km respectively. maximum speed is 250 km/h, but optionally you can climb up to 270 km/h with the M Drivers Package.

4.- Let’s talk about dimensions. The BMW M2 has a length of 4.468 mm, a width of 1.854 mm and a height of 1,410 mm distance between axes is 2.694 mm, and its ground clearance of 123 mm weight in running order is 1.495 kg in the manual version, and from 1570 kg in the automatic version.

5.- BMW wants to lower the age of access to the BMW M and for the concept and price (see below) it is clear that they’re going to get.

prueba_BMW_M2_DM_166.- ¿You have noticed that it does not have the typical rear-view mirrors of a BMW M? Nor (and this is most important) allows regulation so exact tare of the steering, power delivery, suspension, or change response as accurate as the BMW M3/M4. Somewhere you had to adjust the budget.

7.- ¿What is M in your part cycle? Account with a new suspension (with arms in aluminium to lighten the set), wheels 19-inch M brakes, 380 mm in the front, an address with a tare-specific and an active differential M. Michelin has also been commissioned to sign a Michelin Pilot Super Sport developed specifically for this model.

8.- ¿And in your design? Its flared wheel arches are what first attract your attention, to spend later to fix our gaze on your new front bumper or in those four exhaust outlets. It is worth mentioning in passing that the blue tone is available, the Long Beach Blau (the rest of the colors are neutral, gray, white and black), you will feel really well at the M2.

9.- ¿there will Also be changes in your interior? Yes, but much more modest. We find some sport seats in leather with contrast stitching, the steering wheel M, the decorative moldings in carbon fiber, thresholds for doors, M or the foot rest with a metallic finish.

10.- Yes your exhaust is also specific and it sounds really good and all natural. There is petardeos unjustified and a gurgling serious sobreamplificado, sounds like a 6 cylinder 370 horses, it sounds like what it is.

Time to drive the new BMW M2!


The extra muscle concentrated in its compact dimensions it will feel really good.

With the keys in hand we descend from the facilities of BMW in the circuit of Jarama, at the end of the pit lane, and we headed to our unit, a BMW M2 white with manual switch. Javier is going to give an account of the first kilometers of the route that BMW has prepared for us, then it will be my turn.

Without a doubt I’m finishing with the blue for your body. It is the most eye-catching, which to my best judgment enhances the steps of wheel oversized, the new bumper sports. I love the muscle that oozes from this car, how well he’s been sitting the extra width to the dimensions of the original BMW 2-Series. Feel bad extra milk.

Backpacks in the trunk and your 6 cylinders is put in place. No, there are a few additional notes, exaggerated, in your boot, on the contrary, it feels peaceful even though showing that we are not before a BMW “normal”. We have a BMW M between hands.

The small pebbles in the paddock of the circuit been felt in the inside of the wheel arches, the result of the search of a lower weight, I guess. Accelerate with the windows down and the tunnel access circuit leaves us with the first praise of the work done by BMW with this car. The melody is totally different to that of the Audi RS3, Mercedes A 45 AMG. The excess a badass to a serenade that is in the naturalness of his best letter of presentation, gross yes, but without boasting unnecessary.


The sound of your exhaust is nice, it sounds gross, but above all natural. The Audi rS3 and Mercedes A 45 AMG seem to be a few macarras (acoustically speaking) at his side.

The road runs to Puebla de la Sierra. Us awaiting a sign a both broken, a sign that makes evident a suspension hard, but nothing uncomfortable. First stop, a few photos, a video of the acceleration of the BMW M2, that if a new post for Instagram by telling you what we have on our hands…

It’s my turn. Fixed the seat, ruled the steering wheel and insert the first. What a delight this gearing manually a rally in a modern sports. Unfortunately each time we do it less.

to speed up. Sink the accelerator, and yes, the kick is noticeable, the delivery blunt, rises of turns, climbs, goes up and shows me that it is the best, that all the essence, breaks out past the 4,000 laps. Gear up, gear down… The M2 is responsible for giving a little touch of the gas at each reduction, staying asI well close to the best regime, although it is not that this lack of desire in the lower part precisely.

does The touch change? Well, with a good touch, just the right distance in their travels…

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The best of the BMW M2 is its ability to cope with a step-by-curve to be effective, but at the same time fun, not as guided as in an Audi RS3.

Nail the brakes and set me back a response without reproach any, effective, but the best is yet to come. A stroke of address, with a tare also good, with a weight more than correct and a good compromise with the day-to-day, well transmitiéndonos what occurs in the asphalt and we arrive at your step by a curve.

suspensions, making that general point on the chassis, I delight in a excellent turning point in the everything is under control, fast, intuitive and above all with a torrent of sensations. Yes, the controls I found a bit restrictive, but blessed step for curve the this M2.

The set is really nice. The engine offers us a robust delivery, but well order to give doses. The brakes shine in each deceleration and the direction is very informative and with a good tare… but the best comes from the ability of its chassis to draw us a smile in every curve, cutting it with a response that while it is well-balanced and intuitive it is at the same time fun, with the point enough of rogue. Unhurried, and with a great behavior.

I love it as will the BMW M2.

prueba_BMW_M2_DM_13Unfortunately, the joy lasts a little or at least not enough as we’d like, to us, always with the insatiable desire of a car as well. The drive back to the circuit del Jarama is resolved by motorway with the evidence once again of the duality enjoyed by the common of the modern sports: strong and effective and at the same time comfortable and perfectly usable in day-to-day.

did I say already that I love?

why I like the BMW M2?

In front of the BMW M4, the BMW M2 provides us with a power delivery more order to give doses, is more docile, agile, and you’ll feel more confident asking their full potential in stretches revirados.

As we approached the entrance to the Jarama, as we drove the way back and return the little creature to the signature, I think of the goodness of this model. Without a doubt, the BMW M4 is faster, but what’s more fun?

The BMW M4 (and therefore M3) has a power delivery that is disproportionate, a torrent of torque that can leave you with some reactions difficult to deal with in some situations. This BMW M2 has seemed to me also really fast, but above all much more docile, agile, and order to give doses. In addition to their measures seem to me to be perfect, there are stretches of mountain that have been already been small for the BMW M4.

Cool to be able to buy with a manual gearbox, it lends a lot to it. Great step by curve, the fine tuning of your chassis. You feel less guided than in an Audi RS3, which is not to say that it is a little cash, what it is, but we also reserve a interesting plus fun.

Good brakes, a good tare of the address and change, a good sound…

prueba_BMW_M2_DM_14Aesthetically I love all that muscle concentrate. Without a doubt I would go through the catalog M Performance if I bought it to add some more detail.

Time to say good bye. Tap say goodbye to the BMW M2 up to some next future meeting in the form of a test of longer duration or comparative. Let Me taste really good.

how Much does the BMW M2?


is Worth, us has won the BMW M2, but how much will I have to pay? You have already made the details in the article “BMW M2, in Spain from 62.900 euros: a good reason to start to write the letter to the three Kings” and “do you prefer automatic? THE BMW M2 with the change of the double clutch part from 67.708 euros”, but it should be recalled that has a starting price of 62.900 euros, amounting to 67.708 euros in the case of resorting to the version with automatic transmission.

As standard equipment the BMW M2 has leather upholstery, heated seats, alloy wheels, multimedia system with 6.5-inch screen, climate control bizona, Led headlights, cruise control and parking sensors as well as, of course, the aero kit, rigor, and all the elements M detailed above.

I’ve heard out there that there is a large waiting list for this model… how much will I have to wait?

Yes, the BMW M2 has been in high demand, has raised a huge expectation and all the quota of units for Spain for 2016 is already won for those who booked the car when it was introduced. To the first, in fact they are already handed over the first units.

If reserves currently have a BMW M2 you will be next year although, from BMW we have been warned that it will increase the production.