BMW M235i xDrive vs Subaru WRX STi: Test bench power (III)

We moved to Fuenlabrada (Madrid) to visit Autoworks Motorsport, a workshop with a modern power bank for car traction integral with specialists accustomed to perform the filming and electronic adjustments of vehicles of street and competition. This is the first time that we came here with two protagonists of our tests and, of course, will be a unique experience as the complexity is greater and there are certain myths that we must address before you begin.

have You ever heard that a launched power bank made to suffer the car? In our opinion, cny car put in the wrong hands makes them suffer much more to the car that a controlled surface, and an increase of revolutions up to the limit in a given point in time.

In the Subaru simulation of wind is more complex

Where, yes, we have seen that the car suffers is in the electronic intelligence that of course should stay out of the testing, in terms of note irregularities will try to correct them. At the level of the engine, if the bank has the right mechanisms, there is no problem.

Part of these mechanisms are passed through a cooling system that simulates correctly the speed of the vehicle. If not, the motor may become very hot if there is no risk that you will experience overheating, what results in losses, as the engine for security autolimitará and will be clearly visible in the graph.


The correct coupling is a fundamental part of the test and the security

In the Subaru this is more likely to occur because the simulation of wind is made with a ventilation system of enormous dimensions that is geared directly to the radiator, but in the case of the japanese, the cooling system is piped through a hump open in the hood to have boxer engine.

it Is more difficult to simulate (you would need a simulator largest wind), but at the technical level and traveling along the street, it is also a car that has a cooling more complicated. In the Subaru WRX of the other times there was even the button ‘Water Spray’ that launches directly spray water to the intercooler.

power Bank, preliminary

The first is to calibrate the bank and set the power, and the car as well as the distance between the axles. The thrown should be done in a correct gear to get the maximum potential. In most cases, one or two gears below the maximum, that is where most juice is going to get. The calibration period is complex and takes time and all the system emits a very loud sound where it is advisable to wear helmets auxiliaries.

Subaru WRX STi: 290 HP generated

As stated at the beginning, a car is more complex cooling which means that in the first released we could not get the expected result. The court security engine arrived earlier than we expected because the cooling was not proper, forcing it to seek alternative solutions and to rudimentary (we had to literally spray water on the engine while performing the test). This resulted in 10 HP less than expected and a maximum torque delivered to 3.725 rpm.

have you ever heard a fan say that at night the car performs better than by the day in full sun? Because it is truth and we are witnesses of that a proper cooling helps tremendously to a motor.

What is more interesting is to see how the Subaru is infinite. The power rises and rises progressively (like the sensations at the wheel) above the 6,500 rpm. Now that is a car of gasoline of truth! With a graph as well, we can overlook the fact that you take 10 HP less in our bank. sometimes, it is not a matter of power, but of sensations, and if not, just ask the thousands of proud owners of a Mazda MX-5.

BMW M235i xDrive: 331 HP generated

The BMW M235i xDrive behaved like a champion in your first launched. The cooling is correct and the large vents promote air flow. In the same conditions as the Subaru, has delivered 5 HP above what was promised and an impressive maximum torque just 3 Nm below the tab technique. Practically of the book, presenting a small valley at 4,300 rpm in terms of power and torque.

it Is equally impressive to see how the BMW grows in power until a little over 6,000 rpm, while keeping a few almost linear during the ascent of turns.

According to Hector de Autoworks Motorsport, is a fact of book, and there is no need to repeat the test because the data with small variations were to remain unchanged. Funny thing is that a previous test with a BMW 435i, which in their day homologaba 306 HP of maximum power (uses the same engine block), to give a result practically traced to this BMW M235i xDrive. According to Héctor, the variations of the engine are minimal and are likely to be more brothers than we think.


Detail of the graphical comparison. Here are the rest.

Thank Autoworks Motorsport the transfer of the bank to this test in particular.

we recommend that You read our comparison and give us your opinion, which one you get, with the radical Subaru WRX STi, or do you prefer the multi-faceted BMW M235i xDrive?