BMW M240i, the perfect prelude to the BMW M2: increases your power, not your price

the renewal of The BMW M140i, the latest version sports the BMW 1-Series, has come accompanied by a BMW M240i that is positioned as the perfect squire BMW M2 (see proof of the BMW M2), an alternative that is available as both a coupe and cabrio (view BMW 2-Series Cabrio) and that with the change of name introduced by BMW has received for the way a small increase of power, but what happens with your price?Is it now more expensive? Time to find that out.

as we already saw with the prices of the BMW M140i us and changes occur in the price, being the range formed by the following versions (in function of the body and change):

BMW M240i – 49.500 euros
BMW M240i xDrive (automatic) – 50.100 euro

BMW M240i Cabrio – 55.950 €
BMW M240i xDrive Cabrio (automatic) – 60.350 €

Recall that mechanically this version features a block supercharged by turbo 6-cylinder and 3-liter cubicaje that develops now 340 horses, 14 horses more than the previous version, the M235i. This power is delivered to the rear axle in the case of the versionesmanuales and the four wheels on the automatic.

in Addition to this mechanical, which is situated on a small rung below the block 370 horsepower of the BMW M2, we come up with a body kit M, a suspension lowered, a direction with a new setting and more sporty details like their seats, the steering wheel, the tires or the pedals.