BMW M3 E30: a review of its history, video

throughout these three decades and over several generations, the BMW M3 has become one of the sport size medium by excellence, and not without reason to do so. Through our special on the history of the BMW M3 will have offered you a overview of all the existing models (E30, E36, E46, E90 and F80) with detail, and now BMW TV begins to publish a series of videos to celebrate the thirty years of one of their flagship models.

Born in 1985, the first BMW M3 (E30) had the competition in mind: the requirement imposed on the Group were forced to approve 5,000 units of street. Taking as a basis a maximum torque of the engine of 2.3-litre four-cylinder, began 195 HP of power, although successive versions were increasing this figure.


over the years, manufactured several special editions and improved versions, like the M3 Evo, M3 Evo II, Cecotto/Ravaglia, or the last M3 Sport Evolution, which incorporated an engine of more displacement (2.5 liters), reaching the peak of 238 HP. Between 1985 and 1991, they built a total of 17.970 units of the model, overcoming all the initial forecasts, and successes on the circuits were also very numerous.

today, the BMW M3 E30 can already be considered a classic, and in this video you’ll be able to enjoy a closer look at four minutes, including a brief overview of their main features and versions, along with interviews -in English – with some of those responsible for its creation. Later BMW will continue reviewing the following generations of the M3 in new videos.