BMW M3 E36: the second-generation, video

After the BMW M3 E30, in 1992 came the second generation of the model. The BMW M3 E36 highlighted by a six-cylinder engine, the first within the series, but it also improved many other aspects: design, safety, comfort, or equipment represented a considerable step forward with respect to the original.

And this precisely was the most criticized of the BMW M3 E36: fans more purists never forgave that orientation is more conservative and “bourgeois”, losing part of his personality. Hence, perhaps, the M3 E36 is the generation less valued within the history of the model, or at least the most misunderstood and the most controversial on their backs.

Even so, the BMW M3 E36 a car is well designed and manufactured, taking into account that he was born in the nineties, and whose design also was a good age. The first version -launched to the market in 1992 – offered 286 HP through a 3.0-liter engine; already in 1995, adopted a 3.2-liter is more powerful, it reached the 321 HP. Would be on sale until 1999.

The BMW M3 E36 also had a version Cabrio, in addition to the usual two door Coupe. But the biggest innovation came from the M3 E36 four door, with a sedan body, which was premiered for the first time in this generation. In the video that you have on these lines you can see the BMW M3 E36 to fund, as well as several interviews with those responsible for their design and some other surprise ending, in the form of a special edition GT…