BMW M3 RS E9X: G-Power does not forget the E92 and the empowerment extreme

BMW M3 E92 was the last of the air in BMW Motorsport. The coupe BMW was not a muscle car, its V8 4.0-liter was able to turn more of 8,250 rpm, with a power output of no less than 420 HP. The preparer German G-Power has proposed to add an extra dose of power to a M3 that although not to manufacture, has a legion of followers and a strong community of support. The G-Power M3 RS E9X is a machine that is nearly double its original power. No, G-Power have not forgotten the E92, I assure you.

Is the BMW M3 most powerful ever created by G-Power, with a power that almost doubles the original.

G-Power has created a long-running saga of M3 with last name of “RS”, and this E9X is the most powerful of all. Like other R3, is carrying a kit of supercharging by the compressor SK III, developed by them. The power passes from the 420 HP of series to a dizzying 740 CV, and the engine torque original 400 Nm is transformed at 700 Nm. All the power is still channeling through a manual gearbox six relations. Records performance improve considerably: the 0 to 100 km/h is done in just 3.7 seconds.

An improvement of 1.1 seconds over the number of series, which binds to a tip speed of 340 km/h. Decidedly, it is not a car for those who suffer from heart. If this empowerment – which also requires a new exhaust, a new ECU and internal bracing to the V8 – not enough, G-Power has also lightened the car. A kit of parts made in carbon fiber has been installed in the car. For example, the hood, called “Carbon Venturi”. A hood with several air intakes and only weighs 8,4 kg.

front spoiler – in which we have drilled holes for cooling the brakes – the wing and the tailgate are also made of carbon fiber. The tailgate now weighs only 5 kilos. Another key piece in the weight loss program of this M3 is the exhaust system. Manufactured entirely by G-Power, from the exhaust manifolds until the breadsticks is made of pure titanium, and has two catalysts sporting hardly restrict the flow of gases. The total diet of this M3 has made him lose weight 26 kilos.

A team of braking, Brembo high-performance and 19-inch alloy wheels with tyres sport shut down a pack very interesting, that we would like to enjoy without limits in circuit.

Source: GTSPirit
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