BMW M4 Coupe, efficient and dynamic sports

You still do not know the new BMW M4 Coupe raised as an athletic efficient and dynamic on the road? Chic, sporty, maximum security, comfort, ease, efficiency and speed are some of the key features of this new wonder of the automotive industry that the German company about us from € 88,500 , you will see?

BMW M4 Coupé, deportivo eficiente y dinámico

How is the new BMW M4 Coupe

As feline glowing and able to plow the soil surface regardless of the many obstacles appearance, this new sports roars at full strength and gives us greater strength, luxury, speed and sporty design, more than enough for this new jewel of the road is raised as an attractive vehicle, able to distill some hypnotic power of us, ignites the flame of interest by tapping with the fingers of his motives M leather steering wheel.

The air intake and performance BMW M4 Coupe [1.99902 million]

The energy and vitality new BMW M4 Coupe appears retained in each of the sides flanking structure. Among other things, we are confident our blog engine, which more than divert look at intakes incorporated in the front, as an unequivocal sign of its great capacity for cooling motor M along the route her.

envelope, powerful, toned and muscular, well-defined brand lines of his Power primary source of power through its turbocharger. However, the true purity of his sporting, its length.

Cómo es el nuevo BMW M4 Coupé The maximum dynamics of this car is found represented in the air curtain and Air Vent systems, as well as grilled M with double bars, exterior mirrors or different twin tailpipes. Sound distilled exhaust roar unabated, and we packed in an atmosphere that speaks of his performance in terms of technology, mobility on the road and the design itself.

engine of the new BMW M4 Coupe [1.99902 million]

In this case new BMW M4 Coupe will leave V8 engine of the predecessor model to return to his booster inline 6-cylinder turbocharged .

There are 431 hp maximum output, compared with 420 the previous model. This engine model built on the new BMW M4 Coupe will provide a quick and responsive on the road, while the elasticity of particular interest for automotive enthusiasts. M 431 hp engine is capable speed from 0 to 100 km / h in just 4.1 seconds by changing the M double-clutch Drivelogic gift.

Motor del nuevo BMW M4 Coupé

weight and aerodynamics of the BMW M4 Coupe [1.99902 million]

But if there is something that characterizes this new car, it is the intention improve your weight and aerodynamics what many call the fifth generation M3 Coupe. In addition, plastic reinforced with carbon fiber roof, hood and rear rebars between towers, and aluminum front fenders and suspension elements reinforce its dynamism and lightness.

For its part, alloy 18-inch lightweight V-spoke Ferricgrau and color. They will also be available alloy wheels 19-inch M double spoke in Ferricgrau or Schwarz, allows us to see M carbon-ceramic brakes and brake Compound M.

Peso y aerodinámica del BMW M4 Coupé

Inside the new BMW M4 Coupe [1.99902 million]

If we choose to enter new BMW M4 Coupe , they seats with M logo provide lateral stability enlightened ideal, always maintain a connection to the driver and vehicles thanks to its ergonomic design .

Meanwhile, we offer the comfort that is required in these cases, and with particularly comfortable folding rear seats and backs, not to mention the ample space given by boot of about 445 liters load without folded back.

Interior del nuevo BMW M4 Coupé With a sporty look that your structure dashboard round are accompanied by an M leather steering wheel and gear lever M will allow us to take control. We can activate our custom configuration of the vehicle through the M Drive buttons incorporated in said flywheel also undertake more concrete and smooth movements through their models dual clutch M.

On the other hand, the instrument panel is the incorporation of latest technology exemplified in BMW head-up display with M-specific screen that will allow us to gather all relevant information in one place.

BMW M4 Coupé

Efficiency BMW M4 Coupe [1.99902 million]

The most effective since this new BMW M4 Coupe is found in its ability to generate kinetic energy every time you brake which through its innovative Brake Energy System Regeneration and so far had been used only on driving.

This system will use the energy of motion inertia generated by braking and listing on the gas, turning it into power , but what helps the energy we? It will be useful to recharge the battery. This new system will prevent alternator works permanently, thereby reducing the workload, and therefore minimize consumption.

Eficiencia del BMW M4 Coupé Did you know that when the time shifting generates less fuel? Through the new gearshift indicator , the new system BMW M4 Coupe will be able to determine the most effective form of movement.

Meanwhile, if it is accelerated at full speed, the system will delay its recommendation to the engine speed has risen enough. Likewise, the Auto Start / Stop function, the system will stop the engine when the car stops on the road temporarily.

Singular Dynamic , sports comfortable effective are some of the adjectives that can better define the new wonder of the way: The BMW M4 Coupe . What do you mean?

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